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  1. Let's address a few concerns here, shall we? When I started this group buy - which, by the way, I sorely regret now - it was my way of giving something back to this community which has provided me with a lot of help and support over the last 7 years or thereabouts. I didn't anticipate that it would end up so badly delayed, which is simply bad planning on my part. And for that, I apologise. There's been a lot of talk about how I'm quite difficult to get hold of. This is simply explained by the fact that there's only me involved in this business, which means I have to do all the work and deal with all the admin side of things as well. So, if my phone starts ringing and I'm up to my eyes in a seat or something, it'll probably get ignored because people understandably want their work finishing and returning to them. I hardly ever come on this forum now because it's pretty much dying a death and there are more worthwhile ways to spend my time. Working, for example... One thing I'm NOT about to do, however, is screw anybody over! All this rubbish that's being discussed about me keeping Celica parts for year is just that - rubbish. I did some work for a Celica owner around 8 years ago and the parts were never collected from me. So I've been storing them all that time. The owner has since sold his project up and, without asking me what his parts were like after all that time, he sold them to another owner. That's not me stealing or refusing to return anything, so let's clarify that nonsense right away. So far, three people in this group buy have had their jobs completed. Lee Young has his order back and presumably back in his car. Tom Morris has his back (bar a pair of armrests) and he actually has a nice shiny award to show for his wait! And, most recently, Paul Benson took delivery of his completed interior a couple of weeks ago. I currently have Stuart's (Scoobydoo's) full interior in my workshop and Richie K's entire car. Stuart's is in progress as we speak, as he's already confirmed, so there's 5 that are either finished or in progress. What Stuart hasn't mentioned here, however, is that he's actually PLEASED about the delay as it's enabled him to change his spec to one that he'll be happier with! That doesn't justify the delay, not by any means, but it does show that not everybody is looking to tear my head off over it! I can't understand why Simon Parsons is attempting to grind his axe here. I retrimmed a wheel for him a few years ago and I asked him at the time if he wanted the rim thickening up or not. He had a look at the wheel in my car and decided that he really didn't like the loss of definition on the spokes at all. So he messaged me recently-ish wanting front and rear pictures of a fattened wheel to see what he thought, even though he'd already seen and felt one. The only was I could've provided those pictures would be to take my own wheel off the car and photograph it, which simply wasn't going to happen. Now, he's also at least slightly aware of things that have been going on in my personal life over the last 16 months or so, but he still seemed to be of the mind that his photo request should trump everything else and, when it didn't and I stopped replying to him, he brings himself in here and begins sharpening his axe. He says he doesn't know what's happened to me but a quick glance at my personal Facebook page will tell him EXACTLY what's happened to me. For those of you who aren't privy to that, I'll elaborate here. Last year, I was shipped off to the hospital for a chest X-ray as the GP suspected I might have lung cancer. Not much of a stretch, really - I've smoked for 30 years now. It turns out that I don't have lung cancer, but even just being hit with the possibility can knock you off your feet a little. For the last 3 months now, I've been in and out of the GP's and the hospital while they try and work out if I have cancer and, if I do, where it is. They've ruled out testicular cancer, they've ruled out prostate cancer, they've ruled out kidney disease (although I do have a stone in my left kidney) and they've ruled out cancer of the bladder. They haven't ruled out penile cancer yet though. That said, I had a congenital health issue that I'm not about to go into here and I had years of surgery for that when I was very young. It looks as if that surgery has now started to fail, which means I'll probably have to go through it all again at some point. That won't be fun. I went into hospital nearly 2 weeks ago for a supposed day procedure, but they kept me in overnight as my blood pressure kept climbing when I was in recovery. At its highest that evening, it was 188 / 139. Which is classed as a hypertensive emergency. They were all set to send me home the following day, until I collapsed outside the hospital and was unable to feel my hands, feet or lower jaw. My blood pressure at that point was 198 / 148. There were concerns that I'd had either a heart attack or a stroke. Luckily, it seems that neither of those happened at that point. They eventually sent me home on the third day, with blood pressure of 141 / 111, and ordered me to rest. But work needs to be done because people don't like to be disappointed so I was back at work Tuesday just gone. Since being back at work, James Vernon's seats have been finished (he seems very happy with them from the photos he's seen) and I'm back on with Stuart's interior. Because, perhaps surprisingly, I want to get everyone's orders done so that, despite delays and health issues, the people involved can have the orders they placed and I can get away from this mindset of people thinking I've fled the country with their money and/or parts! I've learned a lot the last couple of months. I've learned that some people I thought of as friends actually aren't. But the main thing I've learned is that, as only one man, I can't make everything happen when I want it to. The delays for this group buy fall squarely on my shoulder and, to all those affected, I apologise. All the work will get done and it'll get done just as fast as I can manage it. But that brings me to another point. A few months ago now, I posted on here that my hard drive with all the details of this group buy had died a death and so I needed everyone to forward me whatever they had regarding it. To this day, only Richie K, Winnoze and Scoobydoo have done so! I can't really be held responsible for IT failures, which is why I made that request. So, if anyone else involved would like to furnish me with whatever they have regarding this group buy, that'd be a big help... Jonce - either email me at enquiries@hidenseat.co.uk or ring me during business hours on 07860679243 and we'll have a discussion. So there we have it. This is me holding my hands up and both apologising and explaining to a degree. Has everyone involved been incredibly patient? Yes, they most certainly have. Has it actually worked in some participants' favours? Yes, it most certainly has! Is it an acceptable way to do business? No, it definitely isn't. Am I about to rip everyone off and be yet another rogue trader in the very sad Z32 scene here in the UK? No... no, I most certainly am not! If anyone would like to continue this, my contact details are above. It'd be nice if we could keep the vitriol to people who are actively involved in this group buy but, knowing how the Internet loves a good row, I fully expect to be dealing with all comers at some point...
  2. 1: Funkysi (Simon Parsons) 13th and 14th 2: nickz32 (Nick Johnson) 13th and 14th 3: Joely P (Joel Pickering) 13th and 14th 4: Baz (Barry Keen) 14th 5: RichardS (Richard Smith) +1, 13th and 14th 6: Gaz 300 (Gary Wilson) +1 13th and 14th 7: Craig & Nikk 13th and 14th 8: Iangreenfield +1 13th and 14th 9: JaiKai (lee Young) 13th and 14th 10: Gray....Graham +1, 13th & 14th 11: AndrewG (Andrew Glen) 13th & 14th 12. Elly Calienda + 2, 14th only 13. Winnoze (Ant Whitehead) plus 1 13th&14th 14. Geedee (Malcolm Martindale) + 13th & 14th 15. Bigh (Howard Beckmann) 13th & 14th 16. Bones28 (Anthony Hext) +2 13th & 14th 17. GSC (Gary Crowther) 13th & 14th 18. BedZee Man (Chris Jones) 14th. 19.(adl) phoenix (Ashley Stevenson) 13th & 14th 20. KnightRacer (Stephen LI) 13th& 14th 21 black-zed (kev nottingham) 14th only, will aim for 10am but maybe a little later due to working sat night 22.GRAMPADRIFTER 13th and 14th 23.300zx aly 14th 24. Mondo (Simon Lee) +1 (?), 13th & 14th
  3. And now replied to. Just waiting on some pictures and to see if I can colour-match leather from 5 years ago as the original supplier has now ceased trading. I'll be dropping you an email in the next few days when I hear back from a supplier, Stuart. You said you wanted your interior to look like mine and I might've found the same leather as I used but without the £300 per hide price tag! I believe Stuart did a couple of months ago, and we've spoken since then. Basically, I'm up to my neck in work right now as I'm trying to get caught up after a grim 6 months or so. No need, Richie - here I am.
  4. On October 11th, I started this thread to update all the participants and also to ask that each one contact me with the details of their spec and costings as my hard-drive with the details on has died. To date, only Stuart has done this. I've just replied to his email now. Nobody has dropped out, to my knowledge. Should anybody wish to, they're welcome to contact me (which can be difficult at times, and I apologise for that!) and we'll get things sorted out. The long and short of this is that I am beyond busy right now. This is my problem, not anyone else's. I'm way behind with absolutely everything, but I'm trying to get caught back up again. John: I'll drop you a line tomorrow. Ian: have you even decided on a spec yet? Or a final list of which items you actually want trimming? I apologise that this is so overdue, and I apologise that I can be quite difficult to get hold of at times. Both are issues that I'm working on, whether it seems that way or not.
  5. My Meisters have been on for coming up 3 and a half years now. They look like they went down with the Titanic and I'm sure one of the rears has popped a seal! As Funky said, the finish is pretty questionable but you get what you pay for. Would I buy them again? No.........
  6. I only ever met him once, at JAE 2015. I'd not long completed the trim on his son's Zed. When I was chatting to him, he was ridiculously complimentary about the work. He seemed like a good guy and a gentleman. RIP Derek. :sad:
  7. Morning all, I thought I'd better come on here and address various concerns regarding this GB. It's now a little over 12 months since the originally planned start date and two jobs have been completed - Mogsy's and Jaikai's. I should've been at the end of this, but I'm clearly not. I'm not going out of business (although it has been touch and go at times) and I'm certainly not doing a runner with anyone's money. It's been a VERY rough 6 months or so personally and work has suffered massively in that time. I was already behind with the GB, so this just throws everything even further out. For that, I can only apologise and extend the following offer: If anyone is tired of waiting, which would be understandable, then they can have their deposits back. I'd much prefer not to lose the customers, but if I do then I do and I'll have to deal with that. Also, my hard drive with all the details for this GB on has died! So could all participants please forward anything they have that confirms specs and agreed prices to simonlee@uk2.net so I can familiarise myself with who wants want. Apologies for not being on here much but I'm literally just working constantly to try and get things back on the level. Anyone who knows me on Facebook knows how rough things have been, but I've hopefully turned a corner now and I'm working to get back on track. Thanks, Si.
  8. I know the owner/seller of the Supra in the OP's link. He sold a very nice TT Aerotop to buy an NA auto with some fancy arches grafted to it. Then he NA-T'd it and now it appears he's flogging it. It's ok if you like 'em OTT but I much preferred his Aerotop.
  9. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more anal... a refurbished wiper arm spoiler.... :mellow:
  10. This was the first Z32 interior I ever did. It's crazy that it's only recently seen the light of day for the first time!
  11. This has made quite interesting reading. I've made some great friends in my 5 years + of Zed ownership, so I can certainly relate to that. I've also met some complete weapons, one of whom is praised repeatedly in your post. Y'see, Lee Dent has "cared" about many peoples' cars. He cared so much about Gray's that he charged him repeatedly to fix issues that he'd caused himself. He cared about Tom's so much that he "saved" him from having to have a Z1 prop fitted. He cared so much about Jaikai's engine that he didn't bother to use the genuine Nissan gaskets which Lee supplied. He cared so much about Broadbent's car that he (or his monkey) broke the original gearbox used in the manual conversion. And let's not forget that he cared so much about mine that he burned his way through half a tank of fuel and also text me to say that my car likes to drift at 80mph in third gear! The phrase "rogue trader" doesn't even begin to describe this imbecile... But hey, if there's still a hardcore set of people that want to believe he has even the first clue about what he's doing, you guys go right ahead. Have your little barbecues and tell him how awesome he is. Much like Tom, I will continue to dissuade everyone I can from going within 50 yards of his "business" because I just don't want folk to be ripped off and left with cars that are substandard at best and potentially dangerous at worst! My question, though, is this: if Mr Dent is so spectacular, why were you trying to arrange to get Powerzed to fix an issue with your Zed that he consistently failed to put right...? I'm glad you've enjoyed your 3 years and I'm sure there are many more for you to enjoy yet. I am, however, fairly stunned that you'd be so brazen to praise a PROVEN thief and a PROVEN conman on this forum though! But hey, each to their own, right?
  12. I started out with a PAYE job and did the upholstery as an evening/weekends venture. It's hard work, especially if your own business starts to take off! You'll likely find that your free time dwindles to nothing and that can be hard, especially if you have a family. As others have said, make sure your records are 100% up to date and accurate as The Powers That Be love nothing more than to make an example of the little guy at times.
  13. Tom Morris. An award winner and his car's leaps and bounds ahead of most on here (mine included!). :thumbup1:
  14. 1. 007 2. Winnoze 3. Richie K I can't stress enough how much of a difference this makes to the seats. I've fitted a couple of sets over the years and it transformed them! As I've mentioned to a few people recently, I'd have bought some for myself years ago if I still had the factory seats fitted. :thumbup1:
  15. This thread is aimed specifically at the GB participants who are having seats retrimmed by me, but it could also apply to anyone who just wants to freshen things up a little. I've done a couple of Z32s this year so far and one had brand new seat foam from Interior Innovations, whilst the other one didn't. With the best will in the world, most of these seats are over 20 years and probably with a fair few miles on them... that means the foam will be way past its best! My recommendation, therefore, is this: anyone having seats trimmed by me should strongly consider purchasing new foams beforehand. To that end, I'd like to gather interest on a possible GB for the Interior Innovations foam kits for the front seats. Here's the link. Both sides are $375 the pair plus shipping and whatnot. I don't know what discount, if any, would be offered but I will make enquiries. So if anyone's interested in this, whether you're in the interior GB or not, pop your name down and we'll go from there. Cheers! :)
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