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  1. Let's address a few concerns here, shall we? When I started this group buy - which, by the way, I sorely regret now - it was my way of giving something back to this community which has provided me with a lot of help and support over the last 7 years or thereabouts. I didn't anticipate that it would end up so badly delayed, which is simply bad planning on my part. And for that, I apologise. There's been a lot of talk about how I'm quite difficult to get hold of. This is simply explained by the fact that there's only me involved in this business, which means I have to do all the work a
  2. 1: Funkysi (Simon Parsons) 13th and 14th 2: nickz32 (Nick Johnson) 13th and 14th 3: Joely P (Joel Pickering) 13th and 14th 4: Baz (Barry Keen) 14th 5: RichardS (Richard Smith) +1, 13th and 14th 6: Gaz 300 (Gary Wilson) +1 13th and 14th 7: Craig & Nikk 13th and 14th 8: Iangreenfield +1 13th and 14th 9: JaiKai (lee Young) 13th and 14th 10: Gray....Graham +1, 13th & 14th 11: AndrewG (Andrew Glen) 13th & 14th 12. Elly Calienda + 2, 14th only 13. Winnoze (Ant Whitehead) plus 1 13th&14th 14. Geedee (Malcolm Martindale) + 13th & 14th 15. Bigh (Howard Be
  3. And now replied to. Just waiting on some pictures and to see if I can colour-match leather from 5 years ago as the original supplier has now ceased trading. I'll be dropping you an email in the next few days when I hear back from a supplier, Stuart. You said you wanted your interior to look like mine and I might've found the same leather as I used but without the £300 per hide price tag! I believe Stuart did a couple of months ago, and we've spoken since then. Basically, I'm up to my neck in work right now as I'm trying to get caught up after a grim 6 months or so.
  4. On October 11th, I started this thread to update all the participants and also to ask that each one contact me with the details of their spec and costings as my hard-drive with the details on has died. To date, only Stuart has done this. I've just replied to his email now. Nobody has dropped out, to my knowledge. Should anybody wish to, they're welcome to contact me (which can be difficult at times, and I apologise for that!) and we'll get things sorted out. The long and short of this is that I am beyond busy right now. This is my problem, not anyone else's. I'm way behind with absol
  5. My Meisters have been on for coming up 3 and a half years now. They look like they went down with the Titanic and I'm sure one of the rears has popped a seal! As Funky said, the finish is pretty questionable but you get what you pay for. Would I buy them again? No.........
  6. I only ever met him once, at JAE 2015. I'd not long completed the trim on his son's Zed. When I was chatting to him, he was ridiculously complimentary about the work. He seemed like a good guy and a gentleman. RIP Derek. :sad:
  7. Morning all, I thought I'd better come on here and address various concerns regarding this GB. It's now a little over 12 months since the originally planned start date and two jobs have been completed - Mogsy's and Jaikai's. I should've been at the end of this, but I'm clearly not. I'm not going out of business (although it has been touch and go at times) and I'm certainly not doing a runner with anyone's money. It's been a VERY rough 6 months or so personally and work has suffered massively in that time. I was already behind with the GB, so this just throws everything even further o
  8. I know the owner/seller of the Supra in the OP's link. He sold a very nice TT Aerotop to buy an NA auto with some fancy arches grafted to it. Then he NA-T'd it and now it appears he's flogging it. It's ok if you like 'em OTT but I much preferred his Aerotop.
  9. Just when I thought things couldn't get any more anal... a refurbished wiper arm spoiler.... :mellow:
  10. This was the first Z32 interior I ever did. It's crazy that it's only recently seen the light of day for the first time!
  11. This has made quite interesting reading. I've made some great friends in my 5 years + of Zed ownership, so I can certainly relate to that. I've also met some complete weapons, one of whom is praised repeatedly in your post. Y'see, Lee Dent has "cared" about many peoples' cars. He cared so much about Gray's that he charged him repeatedly to fix issues that he'd caused himself. He cared about Tom's so much that he "saved" him from having to have a Z1 prop fitted. He cared so much about Jaikai's engine that he didn't bother to use the genuine Nissan gaskets which Lee supplied. He cared so mu
  12. I started out with a PAYE job and did the upholstery as an evening/weekends venture. It's hard work, especially if your own business starts to take off! You'll likely find that your free time dwindles to nothing and that can be hard, especially if you have a family. As others have said, make sure your records are 100% up to date and accurate as The Powers That Be love nothing more than to make an example of the little guy at times.
  13. Tom Morris. An award winner and his car's leaps and bounds ahead of most on here (mine included!). :thumbup1:
  14. 1. 007 2. Winnoze 3. Richie K I can't stress enough how much of a difference this makes to the seats. I've fitted a couple of sets over the years and it transformed them! As I've mentioned to a few people recently, I'd have bought some for myself years ago if I still had the factory seats fitted. :thumbup1:
  15. This thread is aimed specifically at the GB participants who are having seats retrimmed by me, but it could also apply to anyone who just wants to freshen things up a little. I've done a couple of Z32s this year so far and one had brand new seat foam from Interior Innovations, whilst the other one didn't. With the best will in the world, most of these seats are over 20 years and probably with a fair few miles on them... that means the foam will be way past its best! My recommendation, therefore, is this: anyone having seats trimmed by me should strongly consider purchasing new foams
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