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  1. you may have all heard, so please do pledge as much as you all can, we need as much support as possible. http://www.polygon.com/2015/6/22/8824401/shenmue-3-kickstarter-budget-sony-funding - - - Updated - - - oh and hope you all are doing very well. :-)
  2. bought some music and wish to transfer onto my computer so out of itunes, or do i need a program for this. if so which would a prefered one with no viruses attached to it.
  3. Thanks guys for your help and advice. ok guys ended up getting some decent second hand Pioneer cdj 1000 mk3 with a DJM 400 mixer. so i now need help with how to connect these up to my laptop to virtual dj? what version of serato do i really need as i see versions 1-4?
  4. im about to get into djing, of course wil be doing indian music so getting bookings should be alot, easier, infact i already have 2 confirmed for next year. ive been practising on virtual dj and ive been doing well BUT its making it all to easy and also hard to do 2 things at a time and i also want to learn 'scratching' not my balls must i add lol.. i used to dj 10 years ago with 1210's so im oldskool but heres my list someone i know has some pioneer cdj1000 mk3 with a djm 400 mixer all boxed second hand for 1200 pounds is that good enough? ill be connecting these upto virtual dj.
  5. ok, i do see a white zed around here alot white 99 spec rear lights.
  6. rolandas im sure i see ur car around hayes alot. ps pixas nice to meet u today mate.
  7. has the 3/4 and 4s had enough of i tunes etc, althouh great phones it will always be samsung s3 for me now, much easier to use for me. bigger screen you get used to, great for you know what lol.
  8. £100 isnt much to lose really is it over a year? i like the logo Marka bits and boys toysz rus
  9. awesome mate, was checking on your progress and thought you may have given up, when are we going to have a meet up, as you know im from Hayes too. What sort of BHP are you looking to acheive?
  10. only ridden one on holidays etc, just need something cheap and cheerful, journey will be mostly to and from work which is around 4 miles each way. any help suggestions? thanks.
  11. had it over a year, and occasionaly switches off by itself. apart from that works percectly fine and very few scratches etc. tried ebay but prices vary.
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