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  1. Totally understand they are huge and very long, but having had a jack slip before and survived, I’m getting to old for this.
  2. Great work, your opinion for getting the car higher was a lot cheaper than ours, my brother and I went half’s on a set of car display ramps. As soon as my Porsche is on the road, i will be doing the sills and undersealing on my 300. Good luck. A pick of my brother testing them.
  3. It was an extremely crazy race. They have let Pirelli try and slow the cars down with different tyre types, probably made things more dangerous. Nice for Aston Martin to get first podium.
  4. I’m sure I had to leave mine off after I installed my ally radiator just nowhere to fit fix it to.
  5. Very nice car, good buy. If you want the car in miles not kph you will have to change the gearbox sensor.
  6. Hi Guys I should have my blocks back next week, they machine out the original Porsche Lokasil cast in liner, preform and replace it with an aluminum alloy cylinder plated with Nikasil, all 6 being done with new pistons. I have sent them my old IMS shaft to be upgraded to the larger bearing. I have never had so much cleaning to do on an engine & gearbox before but getting there. Few snapped bolts as Porsches are know for, not even started on the rusty exhaust bolts.
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