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  1. What a race yesterday, well done to Ric & Lando. Verstappen deserved that penalty should have been harder as the way his car landed on Hamilton.
  2. That’s unbelievable, the Government should be so ashamed of themselves, all the shortages going on and they sit on there arses and let it happen. Sorry that wasn’t any help for you.
  3. Unfortunately there are parts that can only be refurbished by a place in Czech Republic, exchange surcharge, pain in the neck. This throw away society is horrendous.
  4. Bit of an update, cleaning sure takes a long time. Crank carrier back together, just waiting on the new chains to arrive before putting it in. I am going to replace all the suspension arms, not cheap. I had fun trying to get the passenger assembly out, the main problem is releasing the handbrake cable. Drivers side stripped down, new arms coming tomorrow, bit more cleaning to do. It is amazing the Germans think of everything, rear lights that come out with 1 bolt for a handy shelf and cup holder. Unfortunately I will miss my deadline for the stupid ULEZ expansion and will have to come down via the Dartford Crossing at the end of the month. Then it will be the turn for the underside of the Zed, underseal, brake pipes, rear sills. The fun never stops.
  5. RIP Charlie Watts, another golden oldie gone.
  6. I think I have a spare it’s from a 1990 don’t know if N/A or TT if there is a difference.
  7. Sorry to hear that life can be very unfair. It’s possible it was converted to miles but that should have been 64,000 ish. Unless documentation from the shipper no one can tell the true mileage of any imported car. The MOT person will put whatever they see on the Speedo on the certificate. For that age of car it should sell on condition and inspection. Good luck.
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