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  1. Oh well bet Bottas is jumping for joy.
  2. It was an amazing escape, halo saved his life.
  3. Cheers Guys, good day with family. 🥳🍻
  4. Welcome to the club, great your going to save another Z look forward to the updates.
  5. Hi oh yes not selling the Zed it will become a weekend car and trips to shows. I do like the look as well, funny how this 3.6 litre is ULEZ Compliant. The car has a lot of carbon build up and bore score, the engine turns over freely so I hope it’s just new liners, bearings and IMS.
  6. I really did not want to buy another car, but the government has forced me to. I could not pass this one up it arrived this morning. 2002 Porsche 996 3.6 315bhp Full Leather high spec car. Only fault needs an engine rebuild, really looking forward to it. Fun will start in 2 weeks
  7. That’s a shame, the government would only accept a data sheet from the manufacturer, if they even did that in the 90s. Thanks for your help.
  8. There is a button at the bottom in front of the shifter push that down and select N
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