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  1. Thanks it did pass, needs some work but that will all be done when the 996 is on the road.
  2. I drove mine home today, after sending off the 996 blocks for machining, I took the valves out of the heads as well. MOT for my Nissan tomorrow better pass with all the work I have done on her. 🤞
  3. Engine fully apart now, it’s best case scenario for me, I was always going to upgrade cylinders all new shells three new pistons and three refurbished. Complete engine gasket kit. The heads I will clean in my new parts washer and lap the valves a little.
  4. Started stripping the engine down last couple of days, no big surprises, better than expected, bore score on cylinders 4, 5, & 6, IMS bearing in excellent condition. I will send the blocks for Hartech closed deck aluminium alloy cylinders with Nikiski plating and new or reconditioned pistons. There was hardly any metal in oil, will get the crank out tomorrow and see what condition the shells are like. see
  5. Finally got some work done on the Porsche. It’s been hard getting to the garage with this lockdown. Engine is out and not looking to bad at the mo, but still need to strip it down, after this cold spell I will get it on the engine stand and get the rusty exhaust bolts out or snap them off. I purchased an ATV Lift and lowered the engine and box with my engine hoist and jack on gearbox.
  6. RIP Sir Tom, shame he was taken this way.
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