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  1. It's in the right hands for sure, Jimmer will be able to advise on whatever route you choose 🙂
  2. Ahh bugger mate, that's a damn shame! I can still mind the figures when I had it compression tested in 2013, lowest was 162 and highest 166, pretty solid at the time. Jimmer will have it all sorted out for you, his rep is superb as you will know, and low comp can be caused by various things, so not always that bad....but if you want big power, would need to rebuild in any case.
  3. Zed prices are on the up, but that's a crazy price.
  4. As always mate you are treating the car very well indeed. Are Protuner the go to guys these days for Zeds? I had heard some bad stories in the past but maybe things have changed now.
  5. I would second Jimmer, will have some there, buying on ebay you are taking a chance.
  6. It doesn't look too bad but I've seen similar things like that on other cars, look fine then before you know it...leaking. I don't know how thick the steel is on the tank, that would be the thing that would sway me on the course of action. If it's thick, it would prob be ok, but if thin then I would be looking at replacement for peace of mind. The idle thing is weird, car idled not too bad for me, but I know it's been mapped and had different injectors and stuff since I had it, could be various things causing it, I would check for air leaks as this always messes with idle. Do you have Conzult or similar? Though if it is going to Jimmer, he's obviously the man for this 🙂
  7. Hope you had a good drive bud 🙂
  8. Cars from Japan will usually be much cleaner than a UK car, but will still need work as plenty of rubber components at the least will need replaced, dashboards cracked from sun etc. If you can find a car already here that isn't rusty and which has been well looked after I would go for that personally.
  9. You are doing the car proud mate, well done.
  10. Like anything else MOT related, it's only if they can see it. If it's hidden then are not allowed to move anything to check, so a neat tidy install and most won't bother.
  11. If the car was fine, you then worked on it an it's now broken, then you need to re-check every single thing you have touched, as something is incorrect.
  12. Another thing people forget about is when the engine has a cambelt, if it is not moved/started for a long time, the belt can take on that shape, and once moved again they get damaged as they are forced to move and bend in ways they are no longer good for.
  13. I like the OEM look better, but all depends on your style. Hopefully the caliper/pads just need loosened off and put back together. Common problem when any car isn't used much, I had to exercise them after every winter to keep them operating nicely.
  14. Ahhh shes looking lovely. Well done bud.
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