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  1. Really nice car that I've enjoyed following along. Slightly random question but did you lose cruise control functionality with a standalone ECU like the Link or are we fine as they have their own control unit in our cars?
  2. I very rarely post here myself but I do lurk a fair bit and I have noticed all I ever see from your account is pessimism and doubt. You're very opinionated on how others may be spending their money on these cars and only seem to get involved in debates about high valued sales - always negative. I'll grant you that this one seems overpriced but I'd believe Jim if he's spoken to the seller. Either way, what does it really matter whether it's sold or not yet? I just have to ask - What do you get from these posts that you make? I'm genuinely intrigued.
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread but do you know if that part number covers both units? (Because there's no way I'm paying that person on eBay what they're asking!)
  4. If I were you I'd at least ask for an MOT to be done before handing over anything... Don't rush into choosing one. For that price I'd expect a very good car... Not one that doesn't have an MOT, has been off the road for years and from Jim's diagnosis, probably needs turbos at very least. Be careful, these cars can cost alot if you buy a lemon.
  5. Simply put - The only place you should take your Z, as others have verified in this thread too. I was forever in and out of another supposed specialist in these cars. I'm talking multiple engine pulls and major works. One trip to Powerzed and the car was transformed in performance and reliability. I would not entrust mine with anyone else for mechanical works. Trust me and the others in this thread. You'll regret doing otherwise.
  6. That's impressive - thanks for the idea and the reference pictures. I might well go ahead and replicate this. I was already uncomfortable with my solution for the various things hanging off my radio line so switching it all over to something like this would be a worthwhile project I think.
  7. I will soon be fitting a Tein EDFC Active system to my Z. It has a controller and a front and rear motor driver module, each of which need a 12v feed. The motor drivers speak wirelessly to the controller, which will be situated somewhere on the dash. However they do need their own power feed, with one module (probably) in the engine bay and another towards the rear of the car. So I need a 12v feed at the front, centre and rear of the car for the 3 devices. I already have quite a few things tapped into the 12v ignition switched radio feed and I have read warnings about this feed not being the best anyway - so I do not want to add another draw to this line. Is anyone aware of the best place to tap a 12v ignition switched feed in the following locations? - Engine bay - Somewhere around the dash area that is not the radio 12v feed. - The rear of the car (although I could just run a new wire to the feed identified around the dash for this). Thanks!
  8. Amazing info. Thank you! Just what I was hoping for. This might be naive but how did you tap into the bottle for the Honda pump? I like the idea of keeping all 3 washers, even if the headlights are never used and are just an MOT checkbox.
  9. I currently have my intercoolers off my UK spec car and have recently removed the charcoal canister on the passenger side. I was wondering if there are any viable options for swapping out the huge UK spec washer bottle that sits behind the driver side intercooler? I have larger intercoolers so a little extra space would behind them be ideal. I guess swapping for a JDM spec bottle would mean I lose some washer function? 2 pumps Vs 3? Thanks
  10. You won't have trouble finding important parts new as OEM or reproduction parts. Some (mostly cosmetic) parts are no longer available new. Just be prepared to import everything! Browse ConceptZ Performance and Z1 Motorsports websites to get an idea of how much is still available. Short answer is alot.
  11. +1 for this advice. I have had two SZ maps, one for a near stock setup and another for a much less stock setup. I had both dyno'd to ensure correct running and both times the Dyno showed great fuelling and zero knock.. not to mention great power.
  12. A lot of helpful information here. Thanks everyone. Sounds like leaving it alone wins the vote. I'll try some of the recommendations around the tyres too.
  13. Interesting. I had heard conflicting arguments about the start up. Thanks for all of that. Annoyingly I had to quickly shuffle it out of the garage and back in recently and wasn't able to let it warm up so I was planning on giving it one final run up to temp at least to try and evaporate any water in the oil. Would you say just to leave it? Does it ruin the engine through wear, oil contamination or carbon build up (or a combo of all)?
  14. For those who store their cars for the winter and longer, what procedures do you follow? A change in my circumstances has meant I've needed to take my Z off the road for the foreseeable. I am particularly interested in whether letting the car idle once a month is a good idea for our cars in particular. I was planning to leave mine idling for 30 minutes + with a few rev ups towards the end. As for other things, I have a dehumidifier in my garage to keep moisture under control and have over inflated the tyres to try and keep flat spots away.
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