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  1. Thanks guys for the birthday wishes, had a relaxing day visiting family then Beth cooked me an awesome steak with all the trimming for my tea.
  2. Welcome & good luck with the build and don't forget to keep us updated with lots of pictures, we love lots of stuff being fixed and welded ?
  3. Well worth saving this car, I nearly bought it myself a couple of years ago, its in safe hands and Jimmers body guy will have it rust free in 2 shakes of a monkeys tail.
  4. I have consult running absolutely fine on windows 10 home (64 bit)
  5. I also have a working Conzult on my laptop, when the world stops burning im happy to pop over and connect it to your car pal
  6. Paul have a look at the nisbie Bluetooth version, I have one, very useful.
  7. Are you going to fit OEM head gaskets this time Lee ??
  8. Best way IMO is to have it hot tanked at an engine specialist who will usually then dry it and spray it with rust inhibitor so you can then continue to paint it and build the block up from there.
  9. I will have some significant news on this very subject soon, watch this space.
  10. I have these as well, they have selectable blue or green illumination and come on with your headlights so no switch required. they also have a dimmer so yo can adjust the brightness. If I remember ill take a few pics later on for you.
  11. Iangreenfield

    Cruising up North!

    I remember lots of people waving to us on that round trip, we got quite a bit of attention for sure.
  12. Chris still has these kits im sure if you message him he can sort you the info you need out. I think he's on the FB page
  13. Iangreenfield

    Mighty zebedee

    Popping in the sunshine, Lake Z
  14. This Jap Auction notification popped into my inbox on monday. Version R twin turbo manual in midnight purple. So I'm thinking maybe I should bid on it !!. Well it sold on thursday night at wait for it.........£21,000 at the hammer. So with taxes , shipping and import and fees it would likely be closer to £29,000. So 1st question did someone on here buy it ? It was a great car by the looks of it but it did have the load cover missing and a couple of the boot plastics missing too but all easily sorted. I need to change my agreed value....again !! Which is good
  15. Lee id say you are ideally placed to say if an insurer requires the installers certificate to validate any insurance premium discount and assurance that the unit operates as intended ? Also i think the warrenty with toad might not be valid for a diy install.
  16. I have the same alarm on Zebedee with the auto closure stuff as well. The white zed has a clifford one however if i were to choose one id say the Toad one. I recently had a new siren fitted and the service was very good.
  17. Darrens car was sold to Graig Bloomfield i believe and is still fighting fit and apart from a change of wheels and a bit of arch work it looks pretty much the same as when he owned it. The story is that Mantas sold the car to a Friend/family members dad, who in turn let someone have a test drive, who booted it on a 300m long straight but didnt brake and ended up putting the car through a wall. So i would like to see him claim on his insurance for that one !!!.
  18. Ha ha looks like it doesn't it gaz, no old cheap 99 spec carpet removed , replaced with an earlier better quality cut pile item
  19. We should defo do the horseshoe pass again next summer Tom
  20. I've got one of those kicking a out somewhere, they are like a micro machine in size.
  21. The Zcentre sells rear arch repair panels for both sides
  22. Ive run at Ten of the Best at Elvington a couple of times, the surface is good, i got to 135mph in the flying kilometer, other competitors got over the 200mph mark with no drama. Straighliners are a very professional set of lads, very good timing equipment etc so i would reccomend you try it, maybe see if a few others want to join you.
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