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  1. Jimmer Jimmer Chicken dinner - would use or trust no one else for Z32 work than PowerZed.
  2. You need to remove the automatic transmission, replace with a manual transmission and try again. 😋
  3. If it was absolutely pristine, possibly, but crusty sill returns, overspray and colander mesh do not make a £19k Z. With some work, it would be very nice, but it's just not nice enough to command that premium. I'm still glad the Z32 didn't feature in the F&F movie franchise. Apart from being some of the worst and over rated action movies to come out of Hollywood, it was single handedly responsible for some of the most horrendously modified cars known to man across the globe. People's feeble attempts to emulate their poorly acting heroes was comical. The Z32 remained in the shadows and that's partly why I like them so much. People question it, wonder what it is and want to talk about it.
  4. Get yourself some NHS test kits. I started exhibiting symptoms before testing positive. I'm sure you're ok, but just check. 🙂
  5. He's got so many though. I've driven 4 of his cars. 370z Nismo, 300zx Convertible (both of 'em) and a 2+2 (actually that and one of the convertibles is his wife's). I'm pretty good thanks, just getting over Covid (despite being double vaccinated since May). Had it pretty rough but thankfully didn't end up in hospital! Hope you're well!
  6. Depends on the colour of your car too. If you have a blue car, the chances are it'll have a blue tint irrespective of year. I'd order a new one personally through National Windscreens, you're unlikely to get a used one. They break very easily on extraction although can be removed without being broken, but it's a gamble with an odd-on-favourite of not lasting.
  7. You're better off getting them recovered. Unless you manage to find a low mileage breaker, they'll all have started to shrink.
  8. BTW, I did get passenger seat foam and had it swapped over. Made a massive difference although my bolster was in good condition, I just wanted it to look and feel like brand new. You can buy new foams too I think from CZP. At least you used to.
  9. Couldn't agree more. Seat comfort for the Z32 is incredible. I was always surprised how well I felt after a long drive, especially a trans continental drive. I never ever felt uncomfortable, not matter how long the drive yet much more modern cars, seat comfort is nowhere near as good. My 2 year old Mercedes, not as comfortable, my Aston Martin, not as comfortable. Both are comfy though, just not as comfortable as the seats in a 300zx - I'd personally never change them from the original design.
  10. Pissing down all day here today, same again tomorrow and Monday. The Aston stays in the garage (the Z would have done too).
  11. Get yourself one of these. ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/You-Cant-Blame-Me-I-Voted-Remain-Passport-Holder-Cover-Case-EU-Brexit/223682223179?hash=item34147fdc4b:g:-~0AAOSwa4JdjNvD
  12. All in good jest gents - just venting not criticising your own personal decisions towards this - we all have different reasons for preferencing one thing over another.
  13. My very worn out EU passport. I still have 5 years left of this (albeit in name only), but I'll get a nice purple cover with EU markings over it to cover up the embarrassment of the replacement when I have to get one of those. ??
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