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  1. When I went to Stillen's place in California about 6 or 7 years ago, I saw number 75 in bits, even with the clam shells off and the thing all in pieces, it looked awesome. Sadly I was unable to take photos of it, but quite a privilege. It was being prepared for the Monterey Classic at the time.
  2. Seen quite a few late model cars with rot on them. Feel for the owners as there's less rust proofing that earlier cars.
  3. I've seen far far worse, absolutely shocking condition it is, Alex's is in much better condition. This other 99-spec, the arches have gone, the whole underneath looks like it's been sat in the Mariana Trench for 20 years, just a mess.
  4. Nice, when my Z was imported in the mid 2000s, it arrived with me sporting Razo pedals. Absolutely bloody dreadful things they were. Any of those clip on pedal covers are just awful. I replaced the rubbers as they had compression marks on them and the accelerator pedal all with new items. One of the first things I did. Junk! I don't think the accelerator pedal is available new anymore is it? Glad you've found one!
  5. None of that affects the everyman and is such a miniscule point it doesn't matter. The UK closed its borders too!!! 🤣 I mean it's not like that's an everyday occurance, it's a once in a lifetime thing - it is of no concern.
  6. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 The EU has a far better chance of survival than the UK's economy. Throw your biggest trading partner down the toilet in favour of blue passports and regressive sovereignty! We want our country back! It was never lost it in the first place. The UK is the spoilt brat of Europe (it almost always go its way anyway) selfishly wanting to 'go it alone' in a selfish display of self centred bullshit expecting to get amazing trade agreements from all and sundry. These new trade agreements are all bullshit and nothing more than a drop in the ocean and trying to carry on with this charade
  7. As expected, it's nothing but a shower of shite and an utter waste of time. Completely and utterly pointless leaving the EU for the UK, even more nonsensical especially at the moment with everything which is going on. There was never a good time for Brexit, but this is about the absolute worst.
  8. At least Audi's is a bit more elegant. New BMW grilles look absolutely horrendous. Granted, they appeal to the Chinese markets who's unflappable admiration for these gargantuan grilles continues unabated, but the rest of the world consider them as gopping. I've never been a massive fan of BMW (with exception to the original CSL, original 8 series, E30 M3 and E46 M3) despite them actually being fairly well engineered cars, but there's now nothing that'll sway me over to them when I replace the C Class next year.
  9. Just looks like every other rice rocket BRZ/GT86/Supra. If you're 14 years old and think drifting is the best thing in the world, I can see an appeal, but it's a hard pass from me. Pretty much why I've never really loved the rest-of-world Japanese car scene really as I always found the Z enthusiasts, the heritage and the cars infinitely more appealing over the rocket-bunny infested Fast & Furious fan-boi drifter mainstream Jap car scene.
  10. It'll be easy enough to personally import I'm sure. The engine (VR30DDTT) they're putting in it is already nearly 4 years old and is the one currently fitted to the Infiniti Q50S/Q60S, it's a pretty potent engine with good tuning ability. A friend of mine in the US has a Q60S and I'd probably rather have that. The platform is a revised Z34 platform, Z1 were asked by Nissan USA to fit a VR30DDTT into a 370 to see what it's tuning and handling potential and drivability was like in US environments. Seems to be a very good combination. I just don't think visually it has muc
  11. I think the interior is already looking dated. We are still at least a year away from production of this car and that interior looks 10 years out of date if you take away the screens. Nothing about that interior screams 'bang up to date' to me.
  12. I was hoping to have my socks blown off....sadly I wasn't. I don't hate it, but I find it disappointing. It doesn't really look like something that's been the fruits of someone's labour for the last number of years but rather a quick mash up following the morning after a swingers' party when no one's got anything better to do. It is just 'lacking'. Rear end needs flicking up more, that front end looks awkward especially that grille; it just doesn't quite work and it has the feel of nothing more than the re-skin of a 370....and I'd rather have a 370z NISMO at this point (which I quite like). I
  13. Fairly unlikely you'll be able to get a set of rears. I ended up buying a brand new set through jd-carparts. They're NLA in most parts of the world, but they managed to source a new set in Japan. https://jp-carparts.com/ Whilst they're not listed in their website, if you submit a part-request search, they may be able to provide a set. Use F3830-30P25 as the part number which is the full kit. I think the whole lot was around £120-£130 from memory, so not expensive. Landed you're looking around £200.
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