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  1. You're better off getting them recovered. Unless you manage to find a low mileage breaker, they'll all have started to shrink.
  2. BTW, I did get passenger seat foam and had it swapped over. Made a massive difference although my bolster was in good condition, I just wanted it to look and feel like brand new. You can buy new foams too I think from CZP. At least you used to.
  3. Couldn't agree more. Seat comfort for the Z32 is incredible. I was always surprised how well I felt after a long drive, especially a trans continental drive. I never ever felt uncomfortable, not matter how long the drive yet much more modern cars, seat comfort is nowhere near as good. My 2 year old Mercedes, not as comfortable, my Aston Martin, not as comfortable. Both are comfy though, just not as comfortable as the seats in a 300zx - I'd personally never change them from the original design.
  4. Pissing down all day here today, same again tomorrow and Monday. The Aston stays in the garage (the Z would have done too).
  5. Get yourself one of these. ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/You-Cant-Blame-Me-I-Voted-Remain-Passport-Holder-Cover-Case-EU-Brexit/223682223179?hash=item34147fdc4b:g:-~0AAOSwa4JdjNvD
  6. All in good jest gents - just venting not criticising your own personal decisions towards this - we all have different reasons for preferencing one thing over another.
  7. My very worn out EU passport. I still have 5 years left of this (albeit in name only), but I'll get a nice purple cover with EU markings over it to cover up the embarrassment of the replacement when I have to get one of those. ??
  8. It's far from finished; little UK thinking the EU will struggle without us and dissolve? UK has more to lose than Europe will ever do and has already started down that path with various car plants scheduled to close, huge financial services moving to continental Europe - the UK's not the powerhouse that many of its nationals think it is and now all that is compounded by COVID. It's a sh*tstorm on gargantuan proportions. All because of a preference for blue passports, a dated argument over sovereignty, restricting European citizens' right to work and can apply a few of our on 'BSI' type standar
  9. I am fully aware of geographical and continental landmasses Marty, but thanks. ? No, it's no more a concern than national/home-grown security issues. I'm an internationalist and a purveyor of global unity for the greater good of all, not just one entity (the one I happen to live in) - things have to evolve and continue. No, you're right, you'll never please all countries, but you find common ground at that macro level just as you do at a micro level within country borders. I desperately hope it will work, but as a country we've gained absolutely nothing from this.
  10. Sounds shite to be honest. This so-called 'sovereignty' which has been the backbone of all these arguments is a dated and unappealing concept dating to a time were Britain and the world was in a very very different place. I've still yet to see a single compelling argument in leaving the EU, not one. The majority of the time, the UK got exemptions to EU policy, it got its own way a LOT. This whole exercise has given the UK northing but a costly exit bill with nothing to show and reduced mobility. The insurance and investment policy that is the EU has now gon
  11. I've driven a huge number of Z32 over the years, some of them with a 'short throw shifter' fitted and they're absolutely HATEFUL. The stock throw is fairly short, the only thing that needs doing is the bushes replacing. You can go for the bronze ones, but honestly, the nicest feeling are a new set of stock nylon bushes. Short Throw Shifters are about as over rated as Christmas and football.
  12. Still no decorations up and I really can't be bothered with purchasing and installing Christmas tat to Chez Simone.
  13. Don't waste your time trying to find used windscreen scuttles, passenger side ones especially seldom come up and what does come up is usually tatty. You're better off buying a complete new scuttle whilst you still can, they won't be available forever. I think they're only about £150 new and transform the car - it's often in the detail. False economy buying used trim parts like that.
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