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  1. I am being Furloughed thursday so am free this weekend . . .
  2. Insured as of today, renewed with Adrian Flux Found out their classic car insurer that I was with last year will only do max of £10k for agreed value (lost the will to live so caved in) but after being on hold for a day or two (more time on my hands this year for some reason . . ) they managed to find another whom managed £15k
  3. Mike looks Happy Presumably Ant only pretended to work on the car (like usual) and left it to those that know what they are doing
  4. New, (the series, not the car)
  5. So I moved the car . . . . . . And thought, naah I'll move it again . . . GOOD IDEA, thats whete I move it from, second half of the same tree
  6. Wow https://www.handh.co.uk/auction/lot/334-1991-nissan-300-zx-twin-turbo/?lot=50890&so=0&st=&sto=0&au=483&ef=&et=&ic=False&sd=1&pp=48&pn=3&g=1
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