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  1. Fuel in the tank is 4 years old but did chuck some new petrol in the other day. As i say it runs when the car's cold but then doesn't take more than a couple of mins before it suddenly stops. The only thing i could think of that kicks in is the valve on the back of the plenum but it's been that long since i worked on a zed I can't remember most of the tricks. Was going to pop the fuel line off on the intake, pull the fuse, crank it to take th pressure off then check i have pressure when it's warm. The only horrible thing I did find is a mild hissing from the driver's side when it c
  2. Cheers guys, good to see some familiar names still knocking around on here :D Will have another look over the weekend but thanks for the ideas, i'll let you know how it goes :)
  3. Afternoon all! It's been a while (about 3 years i think!) :) Hope you're all keeping well. Well the poor old slicktop died on me nearly 4 years ago, down to 3 cylinders then stopped. Realised the cat had collapsed so fitted a replacement exhaust section (with cats drilled through), blocked off the recirc pipes, removed AIV and rerouted vacuum tubes Car started but failed to rev and had missfire on rev on right bank Used ecutalk, right hand O2 sensor all over the place Finally got round to removed said O2 sensor, found new one was threaded so finally this weekend manag
  4. That's awful news to see buddy, glad you're okay though :(
  5. Build a garden office - mine is 7m x 4m and total so far is around £2500-2750 - that's including over the top insulation for a masisve build. You could easily build for less than £2k and keeping it to simple wood frame keeps it cheap! It's taken me a few months with holidays/other half moving out etc breaking up the time i've had to build it but it went up very quickly! Keep the zed, don't take on an extra monthly outgoing if you have the space to do it
  6. Looks great buddy, love the interior! :hyper:
  7. I bought japspeed and they don't fit round the auto box at all - haven't had the time to get them back off and hammer them into shape so the car's still on stands!
  8. I've built the corners so there's room for a 30mm x 30mm timber to cover the ends. I haven't fitted them yet as i've got to decide on a finish for the wood yet and paint the hidden bits - already ahead of you buddy :D - - - Updated - - - Thanks Richard :)
  9. Had the next delivery so spent a few days off work getting the outside about finished. A few little bits to do to finish around the windows, fit the corner trims pieces, etc but looking very much like a garden office. I've built a matching gate and closed off the side as well. Just the roof to finish and then onto the interior....
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