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  1. for your imformation reguarding ian smith that wasnt agreed that lee would keep one of his cars as payment... also it cost him his marriage when his wife discovered 1000s of pounds worth of car parts stashed away in the house that he had spent her money on . ian smith done nothing but turning up every day at the garage dropping more parts off to be fitted and when he was asked about payment reguarding the work carried out he said you can f**k off take me to court ill pay you 5 pound aweek . also not forgeting the multiple peoples cars as lees garage he tryed rooting threw and countless parts that went missing while he was around
  2. fuel clips common for needing to be replaced or tightened up :)
  3. fuel clips common for needing to be replaced or tightened up :)
  4. gray shes been washed and cleaned today and soon to follow will be a interior clean and get that engine bay nice and shiny :)
  5. ive finally got my first 1990 300zx n/a auto shes no show car but will get there over next 12 months. id like to thank my boss lee dent of l.a.autorepair shrewsbury who helped me get my car to being on the road and running like a dream. id also like to say hello to everyone one here some of you i no from being at lee dents place .
  6. try wires that have been soldered make sure they havent melted and are the correct way around also toni m123 had simular issue and was due to the main live wire from battery to the starter motor was cause his to blow fuses and for the ignition lights not to illuminate
  7. its very clean underneath and a engine bay to match glad you got home safe :)
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