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  1. Jap motors Ltd Hythe. mechanic called Fabian
  2. Hi Jeff I am in Folkestone I can come up & collect Thursday or Saturday if its pearl. My email is - aharveyart@hotmail.com
  3. Hi Jef, Do you have a pearl drivers door by chance? Art
  4. Hi Andrew, that's good to know, so I have just ordered 2 at the moment. Just before the zed went into the garage it started running rough. I didn't have time to check it over. Mind you it had been stood for a while before that. So I have got 2 new coil packs, & from Concept Z a braided clutch line & a transmission harness.
  5. Thank you JaiKai - Done!
  6. Hi there, Went to see my Z today, So more advice needed! 1. The flexi hose is the one from the slave cylinder (on the gear box) it goes upwards to the engine bay. 2. can I get a manual gearbox loom? 3. I need 6 new coil packs - where can I get them? ( want NEW) Thanks for the help Art
  7. Always a great help Andrew thank you. i will have to take the diagram over to the mechanic to find out which hose it is. He has fitted the old one but advised me to try & get a new one.
  8. Hi there, I need a new 5 speed gear knob & new gaiter plus a new flexi hose that is on the clutch booster any help appreciated Art
  9. Hi there, looks like I have an offside turbo problem. So with the engine out where can I get a new set of engine hoses? Not the rad hoses! Are they available through Nissan? many thanks Art
  10. Just renewed my insurance with Performance Direct
  11. I bought them from CARID.com from US cost is cheap but postage expensive. Cost is about £12 each. i bought two and cost £150 with postage. Trico- spray washer pump $11.30 says it fits 300zx 1984-1996 i had to hacksaw the plastic part off & cut the connection down. then I soldered the wires onto the connectors & covered them. both fitted & working!
  12. All done no leaks & both pumps working. thank you for wiring advice. art
  13. Thanks to you and Andrew. Yes
  14. No just two wires with connectors. you use the old plugs from original pumps. i think wiring diagram says brown as earth. but the old wires look black and blue!
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