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  1. Just wondering if anyone in Kent area has a spare camshaft sensor laying around for me to collect this weekend
  2. Thanks guys as plug was lose and now Rev counter and hicas light are good but as always there is still a misfire !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Thanks Jeff and where is the cas unit sorry
  4. I and the rev counter been jumping up and down since last hers heat wave
  5. After doing the flex plate it all started about one or two outings so changed all items as was going to still miss fire under load
  6. After replacing the foe plate
  7. It's had a new series 2 PCU that has been hard wired in, 6 new coil packs and 6 new plugs, the Rev counter is jumping around and the hicas warning light comes on after and flashes after about 10 minutes of driving around. Any ideas? Much appreciated :thumbup:
  8. How do I start a new thread? Can't seam to find anything :(
  9. If got a misfire under load Rev counter bouncing any idea people
  10. Jeff any ideas I have a erratic moving Rev counter any ideas please
  11. Hi all Anyone why my rev counter needle keeps jumping? Is there any common issues? Thank you in advance
  12. I'll be going individual display hope to see others there
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