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  1. we have the same for the job screens at work, and it is definitely better on a night shift
  2. not sure how i feel about it yet, ill try it middle of the night, might look different, prefer the bright look, but some may prefer the dark so its a good idea.
  3. its nice to see a forum still going strong, especially this 1.
  4. cheers JaiKai, i found the old post but was not sure if it was still gaz,
  5. who do i pm about the membership pack? im assuming i still have to pm details that is?
  6. cheers guys, i still not got anywhere with getting my z on the road, life pushed it aside for a few years if im honest, and now saving for a house too, but ill be bringing it home soon.
  7. Just re subscribed to the forum after a few years away, nice to see its still going, i thought everything moved over to the likes of facebook.
  8. excellent thanks for the reply
  9. hi all, been a while since i last subscribed, maybe a year since it ran out, am i right in thinking i just need to pay for the renewal membership? bit of a silly question i know but thought id double check.
  10. Welcome to the club mate, nice z, i am also in ipswich, tho your not likely to see mine around anytime soon, its a bit of a project
  11. i will try nip up for a look :) but will be in my bmw lol
  12. Cheers for the warm welcome guys :D since its been off the road for 5 years i want to get it fully serviced, belts filters pumps etc where the best place to buy the parts and what should i get? Figured the basics Cambelt kit Aux belt Water pump Engine oil Gearbox oil All filters Plugs Leads Fuel filter Anything else?
  13. hi guys,my names jamie, im 25, dont quite own a 300zx yet, picking 1 up in a week or so from a mate :) its cheap, its the twin turbo, but because it needs work, was surprised to find i can get insurance on it for under £600 as a new policy with a fault claim and no ncb :) always loved the look of these cars and im chuffed that im going to own 1 :) as i said it needs a couple of small bits doing but im looking forward to it, get ready for many questions from me :)
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