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  1. Dead right there, from Hinckley. As I recall him Mrs was a right dragon and made him sell it and grow up!
  2. Just popped on to search out a plug number......... found it! ZFR7B-11. Still got my 300, nearly 16 years and counting!
  3. Many thanks!.........Only took me 4 years to read this!
  4. EDIT TO THE ABOVE THE Nipparts number ok to use is J1512045 the N number i put there was a solid auto number, which is also ok to use.
  5. Id say about 300 to 400 quid is about right, the parts themselves will make up nearly half the cost. Plus the cost of coolant and a stat, sealant and maybe some perished water hoses you may encounter whilst in there. If you are having aftemarket parts be VERY CAREFUL with the part number of the water pump, as the Z31 and Z32 pumps both fit, However the Z31 has less impellors on the back and will not move as much water. Part numbers which are ok are; QH QCP3343, ADL Blueprint ADN19135, BGA CP18482, Nipparts N123031 Part numbers NOT TO USE are QH QCP2831, ADL Blueprint ADN19112, BGA CP18116 and Nipparts J1511015 If you are getting a little garage or a non zed specialist then please ensure they are using the right bits. If your average parts monkey goes into a parts system at your average parts shop and bangs in a water pump for a 1991 300zx they will come up with a Z31 pump, the majority of garages will normally just fit it because it fits. It will go on, and it will work......just not as well as it should!! Hope this helps.
  6. I never forget my username as it handily written on the front and back of my car! God knows how i remember the password, especially as I stil use the one which was randomly generated for me by the old forum some 11 years ago!
  7. I remember Andys white one being a rust bucket which spent more time broken than working lol. He had to become a zed expert to keep fixing the bugger lmao!
  8. As a general rule its 068 for import, i think its 069's for uk but could be wrong. Some companies call an 068 an 088 now, just to confuse life
  9. He, is doing well from what ive heard. He is in incredebly high spirits and has updated on facebook saying all went well. I will tell him he has a 2 page thread on here, that will make him chuckle!!!!
  10. Buy a boost contoller tightwad!!!! Boost jets can spike and do more harm than good.
  11. Id spend under 2 grand on a 306 2.0hdi estate, you should get one of the very last ones for that 52 plate? I know its a bit old but good ones are bulletproof. We have had a stack of cheap runabouts and the 306 hdi 90 was about the best, got it upto 235,000 miles and it was still running and drivving sweet till a friend of mine forgot how traffic lights work, even after a head on it still drove home! Then you will have 2 to 7 grand change to devote to the zed!
  12. Dont imports sidestep the cat test anyway? Sure mine just gets a basic non cat test.
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