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  1. Czp or z1 motorsport in usa i would say for OEM. But will be costly. Cant vouch for any aftermarket OE.
  2. Same thing, swapped the mafs just now. Purrs like a kitten again. Shame that a simple thing like this can leave you stranded roadside.
  3. I would replace with new oem new style. Seems like upgraded ones are hit and miss to be fair. You will also need a new chip for ecu. Unless you are looking to run higher boost. But in my opinion you would be opening a can of worms. Some might disagree but oem 370cc injectors are capable of reaching more than enough hp. As for deletes water lines delete is a must and easy to do, the rest is optional and egr will be hard to do with engine in.
  4. Same happened to me today. On the way to work it didnt feel right. Felt like it was wearing a face mask past 3500rpm on the way to work. On the way home felt fine. Done about 5 miles and as i was slowing for roundabout lost all power and car died. Would restart but dies straight away again. Found a vacuum hose off driver side throttle body. Put it back in. Now the car wont die. But idle wanders between 500-1500 rpm contantly but doesnt misfire. Doesnt rev above 2500 either. Tried to unplug maf. No joy. Let me know what you find as it seems a similar problem.
  5. I had them replaced as cooper. No issues. No idea on diameter, sorry
  6. Get the fuel lines replaced while at it. When i was doing my injector, original hoses were falling apart. Gives you peace of mind.
  7. I have sfs hoses. Havent noticed them leaking. Perfect fit and seems to be good quality. I wanted to buy another set for my second zed and noone had them in stock so would have to wait a bit for them to get manufactured. Dont be fooled by vendors saying they are in stock, ask them to be sure.
  8. I would say fuel lines at filter and then dripped on hot turbo.
  9. https://www.copart.co.uk/lot/33053370 Is that the one that was advertised on ebay for a while for way too much money?
  10. I am just replacing mine. Original that i peeled has shrunk to 7mm and was looking greenish after 27 years of sun i bought mine pure black on uk ebay 50metres of 9mm pinstripe for £9.45. Its not exact oem but in my opinion no one notices exact shade of pinstripe, just if its there or not. It also depends on cars on cars colour on the way ir looks. Not gonna recommend it as i have no idea how long it takes for it to fade but let me know if you want a link.
  11. Couldnt take it anymore had to go look.Found a booklet in the boot, it is street advance z.
  12. No hope in getting under the car to get pictures now but found some from before. i might actually have the Tein Street Advance coilovers, for the price i paid it would be right
  13. I actually have a set of tein flex z and full driftworks arms with rose joints. Looking at whats online i seem to have old style ones full orange not black, nit sure if they would be any different or just the colour differs now. I have done only a few miles on it and i found it surprisingly stable and even comfortable to some extent and no audible noise was coming from suspension. It felt a lot more stable and less bumpy than my other z with standard tired suspension (only arb bushes worn, so not nackered suspension). Just so you know with flex z you will still need to reuse top parts of shock
  14. UK models dont have fog lights but have indicators next to numberplate and black blanks with no bulbs to sides. Jdm have foglights next to numberplate and indicators on the sides next to them. Unfortunatelly they are not interchangeable. It is possible to change them, you would probably have to run new wires and join them to the rear foglight fuse and have them work at the same time or run a separate switch.
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