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    Previously owned a Red 300zx non-turbo. I like to stay registerd with the club for 2 reasons:
    1. I dream of owning a Zed again within my 5 car garage fantasy.
    2. I have an official nissan "tank rad upper" new part that I want to sell cheaply part number 21412-30P00 to a Zed lover somewhere because it's taking up space (discontinued part for a 1990-1996 N/A 300ZX standard radiator). So text me on 07921554460 if interested!
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    South East

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  1. Hi Just wanted to register / post / re-initiate contact with the old club. I am a 3000GT owner now here come the jibes.... :) But I miss my Zed so much. Nothing like the rear wheel drive mayhem of the Zed and that was just the NA I owned! Listen I'm not going to join or defile your pure 300ZX boards anymore than is necessary. So here goes. Basically is anyone going to Santa Pod for Japfest Finale? And Im trying to get a few 3000GT / GTO's together for maybe a little tet a tet?? Not definite yet, just fishing for interest rather than leave it to the last minute.
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