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  1. Oh FFS, why didn't I searchy-searchy for "what does JeffTT say". But just to let everyone know, I had an email from a very helpful Nissan parts man here on the IoW and he says exactly that. So you, AndrewG and JeffTT are right (but I'd trust JeffTT over anything a Nissan person would say anyway 🙂 ) Thanks guys, stay well. Cheers.
  2. Both ConceptZ and Z1 Performance list 15208-55Y0A which is very close to Luke's 15208-55Y00. Interesting "replaces" list on Courtesy 1984-1999 Nissan Oil Filter 15208-55Y0A | Courtesy Parts so that looks like the one for me.
  3. Hmmm. Certainly one of the chains I've followed ends up at 15208-H890C and maybe the A5208 H890C is the same. I note, BTW, that the box side posted by AndrewG cites 1/84 onward and that of course was the Z31 (VG30E and VG30ET). Plus there is no such engine as VG30DTT (ours is VG30DETT). Opie Oils says 15208-53JOA / -53J00 which they say is for 200SX, S13, S15, SR20DET, 300ZX Twin Turbo, SKYLINE GTR, R32, R33, R34, PULSAR GTI-R SR20, SKYLINE R33, GTST, RB25DET More digging to do 🙂
  4. I used to use 15208-H8904 but these now seem to have stopped. Can't find any. The FAST supersession says 15208-53J00 which I think is also for SR20DET and quite a few Skylines. Amayama says 15208-H890C which I think is the same as the 15208-H8911 as used by the RB20DET, RB25DET and RB26DETT. Which is the right one? Ta. (BTW hallo all, hope you and yours are well. I'm still hiding away on the IoW 🙂 )
  5. On the Isle of Wight. That'll be H13 but over the water and not Hampshire. Repel Boarders!
  6. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    These are a pair of AndrewG's adapters which let you mount 16.5" speakers in the standard 16" door cutouts. As it happened I ended up with 16" speakers so don't need them. £5 for postage & packing otherwise free.


  7. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    If you take the door cards off (and it's not been replaced before) you'll probably find the foam which helps seal the door card around the speaker is crumbled, gone and useless. This is the stuff I bought on Ebay on AndrewG's recommendation. Plenty left over after my speaker replacement so one of you lot might as well have it! No charge but £3 for P&P would be welcome. Cheers.


  8. MOT passed with no advisories. Clean conscience driving for another year - but nowhere to go! The MOT was booked before the restrictions and the garage said they were still doing them as important to keep cars on road. Missed the freebie 6 months by a day.
  9. Just wanted to say thanks to Jimmer for his call back and advice earlier today. Top man, thanks. See you in Aug for next main service ?
  10. That's it. Our rights as citizens taken away by the privileged elite so they can pay less tax. And the removal of the rights of 3+million fellow citizens without democracy. There is a fundamental (British, common law) principle that changes to the law must not and cannot apply retrospectively. They just drove a coach and horses through that by conning 52% of the UK residents allowed to vote. A sad day for these islands, for law, for democracy and for Europe. For me, thank **** my family is from London/Derry so I'm now still European and (now officially) Irish. Cead Mille Failte.
  11. Bye bye old Kenwood and OEM Hitachi speakers with disappearing surrounds (and disappeared foam baffle). Thanks to Andrew for previous posts on this subject (I'll add later if my bookmarks worked) and the adapter rings. So that's: replace shot speakers with new JVC, new foam baffle, get rid of speaker loom bodge at head unit end and speaker connection end (re-instate OEM) get rid of head unit wiring bodge by repairing cut/connect and using proper ISO adapter add dabonwheels Kinetic DAB / FM aerial adapter Install new JVC DAB/CD/USB mount ECUTalk in cubby mount USB socket somewhere install underseat subwoofer test Play Radio 3 very loud ? (oh alright, AND Planet Rock and Radio 4 Extra)
  12. For some months, the drophead kept the rain out. Then it started to leak and this ended up worse than my old MG Midget. After some research, I found Sonax GummiPflege (Rubber Care), cleaned and treated all the rubber seals. Great improvement. And the wind noise reduced (something reported by other convertible owners). The RH side is back to dry - however there is still a slight leak when windy/wet on the LH side which appears to be coming from one of the meeting points (arrowed). I have re-treated the rubber in that area and await the next downpour. When driving, there is still more wind noise from the left than the right (which sounds as normal as any Z). It's always been like that even before the leak started. I noticed that, on both sides, there is a bit of fabric which only appears to be attached at each end - arrowed. Is this correct? Is it just to protect the hood material from friction wear when closing the hood or should it be doing something else / fixed in some way? Any advice from other Z convertible owners? Thanks.
  13. RIP Mike. Always a gent and a mine of knowledge. He helped me and all of my Zs over 25 years. A big loss to the Z community. Condolences to his friends and family - and cat. I understand the ZClub is planning some form of memorial after they've heard from the family.
  14. My preference is for manual, too. That said, because of a dodgy knee and London traffic I had 2 NA autos (Zeds) for many years until reverting to a manual this year (no more London hooray). They were very nice autos to drive. Being JDM, had the Power & Hold switch as well so could select Power any time ? . Even took the blue one round Thruxton. You can pootle like a granny or, as they used to say at Heston, "make good progress". A real driver's autobox. Apparently, they're quite clever, learn your style, can tell when you're driving in, er, a "spirited" fashion and adjust shift points as they go. I drove a TT auto for a few days and that was almost as mental as the TT manual. There was a sort of hyperdrive effect if you booted it, it gathered its skirts and whoosh. Great fun. So as a manual driver, I thoroughly recommend the auto.
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