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  1. If it's not broke don't fix it I prefer the old one
  2. So what does that make my 400hp Z at now then with the hp per tonne vs 09 GTR :whistling: And I bet a lot of people thought I was talking out of my hoop when I mentioned about it a while back, I stayed up with the GTR convoy on are way to Japfeast :yes: And i Still got loads more weight to come out! I reckon I'll be getting it under 1400 kg... I will post up a picture again soon With another weighing.
  3. Ill be up for this if I'm off. Just have to pick one to take now :lol:
  4. Hello mate, Im away in Ireland but will be back in the UK on Sunday. The Z is good to go now but i want to get it over to PowerZ 1st For a final inspection. It's 100% factory stock same as it came off show room floor Which is very rare these days, this is definitely one for the collector. Price is £7995 ovno Also notice I'm not being greedy with the price this was priced at £10,000 when it landed. This is the 2K Model version S. Big money in Japan right now!
  5. This is slightly over your budget, but when You have a look I'm sure you will fall in love with her.
  6. Hello, I'll be putting up my absolutely stunning mint low mileage last batch made Aug 2000 Na auto Version S That comes with the Gucci seats and headlights that cost and absolute fortune 100% STOCK and Full Japanese service history from day one. I'll be taking it over to PowerZ to get a service done soon then it be going up for sale. Can't stress enough how amazing this Z drives, it's like driving a brand-new car and it's not a scratch inside. I will ask Jimmy to give his opinion of how stunning this really is inside and out and how it drives, so you don't have to take my word for it . Serio
  7. So, 3 that are going on the 350Z stand now?:scared: Im coming from Middlesex, Would it be possible to meet up with anybody on route?
  8. 1. Ian Greenfield 2. Craig Stratton 3. AndrewG 4. Chris300 5. JaiKai 6. t.mogsy 7. Gaz 300 8. Richard Smith 9. kgonzokia 10. Funkysi 11. Joelyp 12. Stephen 13. Bigh 14. GSC 15. 182stevecup 16. Rata2ie 17. Johnyboy 18. Art123 19. Devvny 20. Winnoze 21. Mightysi 22. coopd. 23. Slick Pete. 24. Bones28 25. Jonce 26. Nickz32 27. PhilP 28. Veilside01702 29. Edd 30. Dave 31. Gray 32. Scoobydoo67 33. BedZee Man 34. (Adl) phoenix 35. sebZman (maybe) 36. brillo 37. KnightRaceR
  9. Ian, I just payed up! 350z-uk (8793) Going in the new Black TT :rockon: Regards SL
  10. Forget, Lancaster Footmen and James sky and Adrian flux. Just go on moneysupermarket! they will Absolutely put them to shame. They used to be the best specialist car Insurance for the last 10 years and I’ve been with them all. I’ve now changed as there is a lot more competition out there offering better prices no need to stay with these guys no such thing as loyalty.
  11. Happy 40th Jimbo :happybday: I’ll be cuming to see you soon Xoxo
  12. This is O.T.A ordered to attend... Put my name down for this please, as it’s the big 30th Gathering. 13/14th
  13. Nice. I made 2. Offers on that and was going to go over with cash but you beat me to it lol. Can't complain though I've got something really mint now. Enjoy.
  14. If Garry Warren ie Gazwoz had any common decency as an official so-called club Importer he would offer to buy back this z32 that he imported! I would never have handed over the money to him if I knew the state of it I trusted Him as I thought he knew what he was doing... I'd like to bring it tomorrow so everyone can see the z32 but for unseen circumstances I can't attend unfortunately. But I will say what goes around comes around! I'm also seeking legal advice now and will be taking legal action against him! I'm not going to let him get away with this, the more I think about it the
  15. Just to make people aware I will be putting my Slicktop NA manual up for sale very soon! with most of the bits I bought for it that I spent an absolute fortune on. I want to move on to something else now after terrible experience I've had recently with trusting someone... I've lost all interest in it now! I'm super busy at the moment but I should have some free time in the next couple of days so I will try to list as much as I can which is quite a bit of stuff I will be selling that I got from CZP Arizona.
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