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    Born, went to school, went to uni, quit, went to china, got married, came back, bought a 300zx!
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  1. Welcome to the club! I'm afraid to say you have broken the most important club rule already..... pictures! It against the law to say you have bought a Zed and not upload any pictures! 😁
  2. 😍😍😍😍 I want to build a replica now.... I wonder if there are any whites for sale in Japan at the moment.... *opens new chrome tab*....
  3. The subframe is all ready to go, but still waiting on the arms from driftworks, January hopefully! I haven't done the thermostat as been pulling double shifts over the Christmas period, I have Sunday/Monday off, so hopefully will do it then. I have the service manual so hopefully won't screw it up!
  4. I like my up and over spoilers because I think they look cool and remind me of the posters I had on my walls as a kid! I like the way mine echo the shape of the cabin and almost extend the sides of the cars in my mind, When I look I see something almost like this: and that is friggin' cool....! Also the last reason I like up and over spoilers is because Im a complete kid inside and I want to feel like im 7 again when I jump in a sports car!😍😁😆 At the end of the day, its your car, you do what you want to it. Being different makes the world go round.... embrace it!
  5. until
    Magnificent Motors is established as one of the biggest FREE motoring spectaculars on the south coast. With more than 1000 vintage and classic cars, motorbikes, buses, and more expected to display on Eastbourne's Western Lawns and Wish Tower Slopes with live music entertainment in tow throughout the weekend! The long established free motoring event regularly attracts interest from over 40 car clubs across Sussex, Kent and further afield, with the likes of Aston Martin Owners Club Area 16, East Sussex BSA Owners Club, East Sussex Stag Owners Club, Ford Consul Capri & Classic Club and m
  6. until
    Many enthusiasts, especially classic car lovers, prefer the Goodwood Revival to the Festival of Speed. The 1950s and 1960s fancy dress and music, classic air displays and period buildings help transport visitors back in time as much as the cars themselves. For that reason we’re delighted it is slated to return on September 17-19, celebrating as ever the golden age of Goodwood motor circuit. Beautiful classic cars will rocket their way round the high-speed track in much-loved races including the St Mary’s Trophy, Sussex Trophy, RAC TT and the newly renamed Stirling Moss Memorial Trophy (which r
  7. until
    The event that is to many the gem in the calendar of British motoring events has a date for 2021 (July 8-11) and a theme that was supposed to be celebrated at the 2020 Festival of Speed (before it was cancelled and replaced by the Goodwood Speedweek, that is): “Maestros — Motorsport’s Great All-Rounders”. It’s a celebration of teams, drivers and marques that have succeeded across several disciplines. Big names already confirmed to attend include Mario Andretti, who competed in F1, IndyCar and Nascar throughout his incredibly successful career. He said: “Goodwood in July sounds wonderful t
  8. Ive changed my mind: I like it now.... Having not seen it for a few months and suddenly seeing it again, I like it! Radiator grill is still quite big, but I can live with it because that rear quarter view 😍
  9. I guess ill be getting one soon as my current passport runs out in 2021 I think... 😬
  10. Is it more blue than black or more black than blue? I haven't actually seen one in the flesh
  11. It's only taken four years, cost billions and will cost billions more. Yay. All for a blue passport now made in France. Yay.
  12. Shame no one is following the rules though. People from Hastings are just driving to Eastbourne to do their shopping and go to pubs etc. Im sure its the same all around our Tier 2 bubble that is Eastbourne, Brighton and West Sussex. Our buses were heaving yesterday with Christmas shoppers
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