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  1. Im guessing you are talking about the Z31? This is mainly a z32 forum, so knowledge of the z31 may be limited, however someone may know an answer to your question....
  2. I love those supras, my friend has a couple and I do enjoy going for adrive in them. They look so cool, retro and 80's... I just noticed the guy that turned up in a Nissan duke?!
  3. MAfs go bad by just looking at them funny, I had one that passed all the voltage tests, so I passed it of as working fine. Tried everything else, still didnt fix the problem. Went back to the MAF, replaced it and the problem went away. Can you borrow one to test on the car?
  4. I look at this picture and think to myself.... "I want one of them.... want one of them.... and one of them.... had one of them.... want one of those......"
  5. I havent, It is going into the shop in a couple of weeks and as its 30 years old, I thought it might be a good job to do along with all the other jobs! However didnt expect the price of some cable to be so much. Ill take a look when its in the shop and work out a plan. Thanks for all the help!
  6. Yes, you are right, Appologies if offense was taken by any comments on either side of the argument. Does show how polarising this debate still is though!
  7. Completely agree, look at this pandemic, three reported cases of PPE contracts being given to ministers or ministers friends companies without the proper procedure, in one case a company that had never dealt with PPE in its life. Or the ferry company that didn't own any ferry's.... These are just ones that we know about....bring on the Keir I say...
  8. That's because they still own thier own airlines unlike us who sold it to the Spanish. Dartford bridge is owned by the French, half of Newhaven in Sussex is owned by the French. We keep letting money hungry Tory's sell off our countries assets and then moan the country has no money. Look at the Shetlands they saved all their oil money and only used the interest, now they have amazing facilities, residents get a dividend and they still only use the interest. Thatcher spunked our cash on specials business deals with other Tory croneys. We will be the ones going cap in hand back to the EU b
  9. Ive been through the manual download section, found that I need three cables to replace, cant seem to find the part numbers though, could any one help? The hand brakes on both of mine are terrible and definatly want to sort them out. When I google hand brake cables, everywhere seems to be out of stock. Also on one of the cars, it only seems to work (barely) on one side. Is that the cable or would I need to replace the drum shoes?
  10. Two things from that video: 1) I thought my pc sound was broken, whacked up my speakers and then deafen myself when there was talking and 2) I need a 300zx model that big in my life! I have had an image of the proto on my desktop for a day now and I have to say, the front is growing on me too. I actually thing im starting to like it. That nismo version is a fan render, but looks very nice too
  11. I like it from the side and back. That rear quarter view looks really good. Im not liking the front, I think the grill is too big, gopping some might say. Im not a fan of the interior.....its a bit.....vauxhall corsa....To quote Clarkson "Looks like the inside of a mans washbag" Kudos to Nissan for going with an ICE engine especially in these times. Going back to the looks (front end) it is still a prototype and the 2001 GTR prototype did look different to the final release, so maybe they will fine tweak it a bit? As you can see in the picture its similar, but not the GTR we know. Fi
  12. Unfortunately this is business now. Investors/stockholders own companies and don't care about the business, its future or its morals. As long as they get their profits throughout and at the end, then they don't think about the rest. Once you can get passed that, then life is so much less stressful because you end up not caring.... maybe I should be an investor....where's my cheque book... ?
  13. my socket has never worked since I have had the car and thought I would see why... The tang on the actual socket has been snapped off and there is this mess underneath: (Please see photo) I am guessing one of these is the 12v feed for the socket, another is a feed for heated seats or mirrors or something and the blue circle seems to be a blade plug of some sort that shorts on the hand brake and blows the headlight fuse (hence I wrapped it in tape!) Any ideas on how to sort this out?
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