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  1. that's a lot of work.... should have just cut a hole in the intercooler to fit the bulb holder and back of lights..... 😆
  2. Welcome to the club. It is a well know fact that red Zeds are the best and fastest! 😆👍
  3. Definably @jimmer at Powerzed: high quality work, reasonable pricing and a free limoncello!
  4. I have taken the Thursday off but couldn't find cover for my shift on the Wednesday. I finish at 21:28 (dont ask) so can either drive up that night or come up early Thursday.
  5. I cant make this I'm afraid, working 😒
  6. I am willing/happy to show my car. It is a 1989 LWB twin turbo in complete stock form. I can help setup the show and can stay for the whole show on the stand (minus sleeping, eating and peeing!) I have attached a couple of pictures of my car for anyone that may not have seen it yet....
  7. Legend also says he was born with a spanner in hand...
  8. I am free that weekend, If needed I can take the Wed + Thurs off to drive/help/setup/etc
  9. Here are some photos from the day. Met @naz27 at Polegate for a spirited drive to Brands Hatch and happened along @AndrewG on the M25, so we convoyed there together. We had a brilliant location right on the main road in/out of the Brands Hatch just along from the start line. We had enough room for possibly 13 cars, so hopefully more can come next year! There were a lot of cars to look at, similar turn out to simply Japanese plus all the racing going on at the track. From out stand we could see part of the track which was good. All in all an excellent day out, well worth the £19. Hopefully see more people there next year!
  10. I can email them to you if you want? Are you staying in Eastbourne the night before? Naz and I are meeting at the polegate roundabout services to drive up together if you want to join us?
  11. Cool, are we meeting there at 7am to set things up?
  12. Does anyone know what time the doors open for this?
  13. Time Left: 1 day and 5 hours

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    Nissan 300zx targa roof panel bag. Good condition. Please see photos as these form part of the description. Please note, this is for ONE bag. I only have one... 1x bag.... that is one only.... not two..... one! 124819029888


  14. Confirm this! I have my ticket, its in the glovebox already so I dont forget it. The car just needs to be washed!
  15. Sad times indeed... I have everything crossed that it will be ok. 600bhp will be good, I would love to go there with my car one day. Glad you can use the car (gently) until the winter as we have Go Jap! in less than 2 weeks! I'll get the beer and food in for the BBQ the night before! 🍺🍗
  16. Nissan 300zx twin turbo automatic. Bought in May 2021 at 44k miles. Blog: https://www.300zx.co.uk/blogs/blog/4-1989-nissan-300zx-tt-pwx-a-new-beginning-1/
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