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  1. It's not difficult it just takes a bit of time you got the 2 fuel lines to remove the tank an fuel neck have 1 pipe each 1 electrical connector the fuel neck as a cover that as to be removed I undone the 2 retaining straps bolts closest to the bumper my bumper was removed I'm not 100% sure if the bumper as to be removed to get to the bolts
  2. Thanks yes got the tank out I undone the straps nearest to the bumper I just wasn't sure about if the straps could be completely removed. tank strip and primer just top coat to do
  3. Thanks I get right under the car an have a good look when I took the heat tray off it looked close to the subframe
  4. Hi can the fuel tank retaining straps be completely removed with the sub frame in place as why I've got the tank off I was going to clean them up an paint them thanks
  5. Hi Ive remove my front bumper I've got a 99 spec bumper an indicator to fit the bumper do I have to remove the engine under tray an intercooler duck also do ihave to remove the front support bar that holds the front fog light is it different from the 99 spec thanks
  6. It's not that one it's the one that's spot weld to the front sill
  7. Hi are the front renforcement sill available mine a little rotten at the bottom in places not to bad if new one are available an cheap enough I replace thanks
  8. I managed to get the door card off I disconnect the plug from the motor an used a test light when I put the probe on the plug it light up when pressing the window up an down switch so this makes me think it's the motor or mechanism seized regards stephen
  9. Took off front wing as I putting on a new sill just wonder what this is
  10. Hi my driver door window stuck in the up when pressing switch you can hear low sound tick noise I need to remove door card but I understand the window needs to be down abit regards stephen
  11. Thanks the original rear quarter as a lip were it joint an spot welded to the front sill
  12. Hi did the pattern rear sill have a lip to join tothe front sill thanks
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