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    Hi all, I'm in need of a set of crystal side lights as one of mine came off on the motorway and ended it's life under a lorry. Can't find them anywhere, please help. Thankyou


  2. I'm unsure buddy. I quite like the black and red at the minute
  3. Gave her a nice clean today on my day off after 7 on ?
  4. I wanted to keep the outer lenses clear so the trim outline (silver) could be seen. Inner lenses I wanted dark, enough so you can't see anything in the light but not enough to stop any light.
  5. They are the universal ones from eBay like Gonzo mentioned. Don't have anymore pictures at the moment I'm afraid
  6. 90cm wide each side. Abs plastic... Not bad for 24 quid
  7. Hello everyone. So after a while I'm back and ready to post more mods and updates on my 300zx TT. Thanks for welcoming me back. Here's a list of mods I have done since I last updated. Custom rear "arrow" lights Fully forged engine with eagle rods, weisco pistons, APR studs. AMS Manifold with straight through custom exhaust system AEM Water methanol system Universal wide arches XXR 527D alloys 10.5j at the rear Rear diffuser Side splitters (front splitter fell off) Custom electroluminescent "300zx" fuse box Halo lights (switch backs) 5D carbon wrapped roof Some more mods I'm sure but I can't remember them haha To do: Install 740cc injectors which I have ready Get mapped with link g4 ECU which I have ready Install rear spacers Spoiler maybe Going to also modify a bonnet ?
  8. Joel1993

    Phantom Z

  9. Joel1993

    Phantom Z

    Pictures of my phantom Z project
  10. Good to hear from you too. Hope you are well and staying safe in the current climate
  11. So.... After not being on the forum for sometime now I thought I would start her back up again. While I have been gone me and the zed have had so many ups and downs. As some of you will remember before this was the case back then aswell. I'm back with a fully forged engine, 740cc injectors to go in and a link g4 ECU to join it aswell but with this Corona virus... It has to wait. I'm glad to be back to be honest. The YouTube page is still going strong but I forgot how nice this community is
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