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    Hey guys. Hoping someone has a set of head bolts to continue my engine work.. ?


  2. Thanks for confirming, not getting any continuity through it. Perhaps it’s dead..
  3. I am attempting to test my PTU following the continuity test but the diagrams aren’t matching.. Can I just take abcdefg as 123456E?
  4. Unfortunately no conzult best i could do was ECU Codes I will test the PTU thanks Ali
  5. I cant see any blatant marks, i am assuming it is ignition as there is a fuel smell I have checked for ECU Codes but nothing to report - i should also add it is a JWT ECU, although it wasnt having the issue previously.
  6. So for the past few weeks the Z has been backfiring heavily when coming down the rev range in any gear - without being pushed at all (just shifting down a gear and leaving it come down on it own). Recently i had the O2 sensors changed by Jimmer and some fresh turbos and it is more or less since then. I have bought a brand new MAF from Z1 and just changed the spark plugs all-round. Im also idling around 950 rpm, and can hear some break-up in the exhaust tone every few moments. Any suggestions on what to check next? 91TT Btw.
  7. I also bought a MAF from them last week - fedex messed me about for days claiming they’d attempted delivery but again, no card, and I was in the house all day and not a peep. I had been trying to contact Z1 prior to this going back a couple weeks and not had responses to email - and can’t connect to their phone number either.
  8. Hi! Sorry if these have already gone. Do you have both T-Tops available?
  9. Nothing fancy bud, just followed these steps as I always find it pretty nervy with all the electrics. Great video
  10. Spent a little while cleaning up the engine bay. Think more time needs to go into it as not overly impressed with how it looks
  11. Has anyone changed the wiring to the wing mirrors to possibly auto-fold inwards when the car is powered down or something along the lines of this?
  12. Been having to change some of the routing of wires in my footwell for the traction control. Been a bit faulty at times..
  13. Thank you very much, good meeting you too! Although my name is Rhys, Rhys Evans [emoji38][emoji39]
  14. Was my first event with the Z and really enjoyed it despite having to leave somewhat earlier than most, was good to be able to put a few names to faces at least. Thanks for the time put into organising this Stephen/Howard. Appreciate the kind words Joel!
  15. Unfortunately not. First club thing for me is simply jap
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