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  1. Time Left: 16 days and 14 hours

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    Need a decent set of 15mm spacers if anyone has any spare. Must be suitable for a Nissan bore/studs. Struggling to find any online from someone reputable.


  2. 1. Lexx (if the car is back in one piece!) 2. Tony2019 3. Kleon 4. Aff68 5. Naz27 6. Micheal Benjamin 7. 300zxsam 8. Georgina 9. Scottstubbings1 10. Coopd Sent from my CLT-L29 using Tapatalk
  3. Christmas started very early for my Z this year! ? Nice buys Gary?
  4. That impul is a genuine spot on car and well worth the money. As Andy said, Graham (the owner) is well known on this forum and the car hasn't wanted for anything. I was very tempted by it recently but I decided to put the money into restoring mine.
  5. Very sad.... Would have been great to see them bounce back but this had to happen.
  6. Cheers, ordered a nice brand new set
  7. Thanks Andrew. I thought so, my car is currently under going a pretty decent restoration at the moment and after looking at mine they are quite rusty! Found a fresh set for about £25 so may as well get them then! Here's how my Z currently looks.....
  8. Random question, are the rear number plate lights the same as the ones on the micra??
  9. coopd

    Cruising up North!

    Cheers, I took that on the way back from the AGM last year. I was in my Lexus as my Z had a fuel leak!
  10. I actually want to replace my blue tint for a bronze to match the rest of the car. Are they expensive, where can you get them from and is it possible to remove and refit from another car?
  11. Got these off Graham ready to be fitted in a few months. I'm still on stock shocks so I'm really looking forward to seeing what the benefits are once these are on!
  12. Fitted my birthday present! My old ones were pretty tired
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