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  1. Hi Russ…are the interior door handles the chrome type?…. Is so I am after a pair please thanks gsc
  2. 1991 UK Spec LWB 300ZX TT Manual
  3. Hi Graham...is this still for sale?....will £150 secure it? thanks Gary
  4. I paid £452 delivered for all 3 99 spec rear light units
  5. Have you tried All Car Parts Fast (endon services) ? That's where I got my 99 spec rear light set (3 pcs)
  6. I like it a lot (grille is the only contentious bit IMHO?) Black roof bars and the best colour too ??
  7. Art...I remember we were discussing it at the Ace Cafe (I think??)....that would have been about 4 years ago as I have had the UK Yellow car for 3 and a half years now!
  8. Out of interest Andrew...what UK number was this car?...mine is #525
  9. Mine was built in Summer 1990 but not registered in the UK until April 1991.....
  10. Interesting that the USA had the airbag steering wheel as an optional extra in 1991...I don't think that was the case in the UK? Looks better in 2+2 and with 19 inch wheels too ....IMHO ?
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