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  1. Bet the OP didn’t realise the can of worms he was about to open. And for info I actually paid 900 quid for a knackered unchecked engine. Not 800. But OP, you wanted some info and advice on buying a zed and I feel you’ve got exactly what you needed to make your own decision. Was well worth your time posting the question 👌🏼 So in that regard, a very successful forum post.
  2. Time Left: 21 days and 17 hours

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    Long shot. But on my to do list is rebuilding my rear subframe. Powder coated and re-bushed. A job I don’t fancy. If anyone has done this and NOT fitted it to your zed for whatever reason, I’d be interested in purchasing ? Thanks


  3. Time Left: 7 days and 9 hours

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    As titled, looking for a set of stainless 3” downpipes and 3” testpipes to fit my LWB TT. Let me know if you have anything for sale ? Thanks


  4. Good find mate. Never seen one in that condition before ???
  5. Hey. Yeah I took a few pics of the process. This is somebody else’s thread though. Been meaning to start a thread of my own car, will get round to that soon I hope. Then share all pics there ???
  6. Nice thanks. Was toying with getting the 2.5” ones as they’re not much more expensive than the 2 inch ones. But seeing as the 2.5 pipework is about 500 quid (!!!) I’m leaning towards the 2.0” now. Wondered if there would be much difference over stock but appears so! Thanks
  7. Hi mate. Nice work. Are those the 2.0 inch or the 2.5 inch intercoolers?
  8. That’s helpful isn’t it! ???‍♂️
  9. Driftworks will help. They’ll be happy for you to send them the Akebono template and a list of wheels you’re interested in. They’ll then check the fitment for you ? Could be useful to know if you weren’t already aware ?? They can recommend wheels sizes and offsets etc, too.
  10. Reg H31 BEU parked on driveway down Halfway. Anyone here? Looks in good condition from distance and very local to me ? right round the corner. Reveal yourself! Ha.
  11. Awesome news mate. What a nightmare you’ve had with this build ? glad to see you’re still motivated and still going at it ? Will be worth it all in the end, your car will be one of the best in the country once finished ??
  12. First job of the day; grease up the new coilovers ready to fit in due course.
  13. So last week, progress on my new suspension suddenly halted after I managed to round off the 2 14mm nuts on the FUCA bracket. Drivers side came off no issues, went round to the other side and nothing but problems trying to crack both lower nuts. Main problem was my sockets being 12 point sockets. So ordered a set of 6 point online and waited patiently. They turned up today and with a little persuasion from a mallet, fit snuggly onto the nuts. Came off piece of cake. Lesson learnt. 12 point sockets are rubbish. Now I had them off, needed to get the old bushings out as I have a set of whiteline adjustable bushings to fit in their place. So, hammer, chisel (and no vice...) and before long all bushes out (and my worktop slightly destroyed ?). Annnnnd finally my Rustbuster kit turned up. So before I set about throwing the suspension back together, I’ll be treating any rust in and around the arches and suspension components (eventually the whole underside). ? Should keep me busy for a while!
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