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    Im sure this car will need no introductions. But here we go.. For sale 1991 300ZX TT. Well known in the owners club. Maticulously maintained and had £35k + spent on her in the last 3 years including all genuine new nissan oem parts. 98+ spec Manual Gearbox, specialty Z billet lightened flywheel, streetmax clutch, new wiring loom, new injectors, every rubber seal on the car including targas and front and rear screens, brake master cylinder brace, uprated brembo R33 front brakes with stainless braided hoses all round, cat back blue flame exhaust system, HiD headlight conversion, brand new full body respray a year ago, with genuine impul rear bumper, genuine abflug type front bumper and genuine stillen sideskirts. Brand new JR11 alloy wheels , full stereo boot build with 3 amplifiers and custom sound reactive lighting door speaker pods, very good condition burgundy and black interior, 90,000 miles showing on clock mix of km and miles so approx 65/70,000. Passed every MOT without issue in my ownership. Private reg number MR Z32 01. Car comes with an abundance of spares including fully rebuilt and powder coated subframe, fitted with poly bushes, £2k worth of 370Z akebono big brake kit with discs, pads and brackets ready to bolt on. Engine bay fully hydro dipped, 2 custom painted roller blinds for boot. All original boot plastics and carpets if you want to convert back to oem. Spare valve covers, timing covers, rear differential, poly bushes for the entire front end, in fact so many spares i cant even be bothered to type them all out.. This car has wanted for nothing, every part of the car has been renewed professionally and has been maintained by the best in the business by Jimmer Thomas at powerzed, who i am sure will be happy to advise anyone interested of the cars true condition. Will also come with full conzult diagnostic program on a laptop and connection leads. Serious buyers only, no tyre kickers or dreamers Price is £25,000 OVNO This has been a much loved and cherished car and you may think its expensive, however you wont be needing to spend £35k on it. Ive done the hard spend so you dont have to! I'll be advertising in car and classic and all the usual places aswell. No swaps or part exchanges. Any inspection welcome. Mot until march 21 but can have a new one put on if required.


  2. My premium with £25k agreed valuation is £430 taking in to account the uninsured idiot that hit my car causing me to have a fault claim on my insurance, however with all mods declared and that agreed valuation, i think thats actually quite reasonable with a claim on record. Previously my premium was under £200 but flux decided to wack it up to over £700 after the incident that lead to a claim. Nice of them to penalise me for an unisured drivers mishap! Im now with lancaster.
  3. I see what you're saying Chris. The Zclub will give a true valuation of the car based on it's overall condition, service history, modifications and bills for parts etc. They give a realistic figure based on the individual vehicle and although it may not cover all that you have spent, it will at least give you a much better value than the usual insurance would do. there's nothing saying that you cant ask the insurance company to insure it for a figure you have in mind, but if you cant back that up with a valuation from a trusted source, they will usually have their own valuation
  4. I guess that all depends on how you look at it chris? As I've spent in excess of £30k on my car, if i don't have an agreed valuation figure set with the insurance company, in the event of an accident or loss i would be paid the going rate for the car or book price which i believe is around £7000 less the excess. in effect that would leave me around £25k out of pocket, where if i have the agreed valuation in place, i only stand to lose a few grand which is far more acceptable in my opinion. As time passes the car will of course accrue a higher valuation, so although i may lose a
  5. agreed valuation requires 6 photos of the car from different angles, any documentation, receipts etc for parts , basically any information to support the total amount you are looking to insure the car for. You can get an independent valuation from the Zclub.net but you will need to be a subscribed member, not sure if anyone here in this club can do it. £15 a year to subcsribe to the Z club so not a lot really and you can be a member of both. service history also a bonus!
  6. im actually thinking of taking on the franchise myself. If all is worked out and its a viable business, then I'll change my job from underpaid and under appreciated truck driver to playing with Z parts all day.. Happy as a ? in ? with that result. Lol
  7. Sat around bored so decided to do a little job on the Z. Been meaning to change the badging, so went for it today. When i removed the metal Fairlady Z badges from the perspex strip, there was a ton of foamy sticky crud under it which peeled off the badges. So bust out the autoglym tar and varnish remover with a fair amount of worry as to wether it would damage the perspex. I used something similar on the old rear lights and it crazed everywhere spreading the classic creeping cracks! Anyhow, glad to report that this stuff didnt damage it and it worked a treat!
  8. funny you should say that because i was actually talking to czp about a franchise here to cover europe and the uk.. Pretty sure that it would be a good move because a lot of people dont order from the usa because of the shipping and duty costs.. Businesses get a different rate if its goods to sell, so they may look in to it.. Also remember its also all Zs they cover plus infiniti models.. theres plenty of those around the uk and Europe
  9. Another CZP delivery arrived today! That time when your wallet goes "Ouch" but your heart goes oooh!
  10. Let me know if any plans get made cos I'd be up for a run down that way too richard.
  11. Cheers gaz.. thought i was having more eye problems whilst looking at mine lol.
  12. Appreciate that andrew, thanks.. i have sent the templates pdf files to the wheel manufacturer and they have now given me suitable fitting instructions on wheel size and ET range. Also thanks for the information on the decals, quite interesting the differences between different models and markets. So it looks like mine being a jdm import, I'll be fitting just the nissan fairlady Z to the car.. just hoping the badges ive had on there havent left a fade mark otherwise it'll look a bit awful! Thanks again, appreciate your help
  13. just as an update in the here and now, ive just insured mine with lancaster this year for £430 at 3k miles with agreed valuation of £25k. Hope to never have to use that valuation but after spending £30k on it, at least its a good representation and realistic with the fact I'll never get it all back! Adrian flux, i am dissapointed to say, decided to up my policy renewal by £200 for no apparent reason unless another years no claims bonus qualifies me to the special " pay 33% more " category? This was also still on 3k miles but with a £20k valuation... Not feeling l
  14. weirdly i received the new nissan decals from japan and find that the two sides of the badging are different sizes? Is the twin turbo part of the lettering slightly larger than the nissan fairlady Z part on the left? I imagined that nissan wouldve made both sides the same size?
  15. Well, dont know whats going on with mine then! It was printed to scale 1:1 which is as it states and converts to "actual size" and the measurements are all over the place! Ive printed it 3 times and all are exactly the same? Whilst on the subject of size.... I bought a set of genuine nissan decals for the perspex strip on the boot lid and for some weird reason, the nissan fairlady z part is one size yet the twin turbo part seems to be slightly larger? Is this correct for the oem decals? Ive never really paid much attention to them but pretty sure nissan would keep the s
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