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    Born 1962 Married 3 Kids, 4 Grandkids and a 300ZX.
    Originally a Brummie, lived in Kenya, East Africa for years, now settled in Blighty.
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    Sandy, Bedfordshire
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    Music, Cars, Traveling and my 300ZX
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    Lil Red

  2. A great day, sunshine, friends, lots of cool cars and beer. The cruise down with Paul and Bob was awesome too, lots of heads turning.
  3. Today I just popped out for a spin, cos it's sunny and I have a Z32 :-)
  4. Nice one Ian. [1. Ian Greenfield 2. Craig Stratton 3. AndrewG 4. Chris300 5. JaiKai 6. t.mogsy 7. Gaz 300 8. Richard Smith 9. kgonzokia 10. Funkysi 11. Joelyp 12. Stephen 13. Bigh 14. GSC 15. 182stevecup 16. Rata2ie 17. Johnyboy 18. Art123 19. Devvny 20. Winnoze 21.Mightysi 22. coopd. 23. Slick Pete. 24. Bones28 25. Jonce 26. Nickz32 27. PhilP 28. Veilside01702 29. Edd 30. Dave 31. Gray 32. Scoobydoo67 33. BedZee Man
  5. 1: Funkysi (Simon Parsons) 13th and 14th 2: nickz32 (Nick Johnson) 13th and 14th 3: Joely P (Joel Pickering) 13th and 14th 4: Baz (Barry Keen) 14th 5: RichardS (Richard Smith) +1, 13th and 14th 6: Gaz 300 (Gary Wilson) +1 13th and 14th 7: Craig & Nikk 13th and 14th 8: Iangreenfield +1 13th and 14th 9: JaiKai (lee Young) 13th and 14th 10: Gray....Graham +1, 13th & 14th 11: AndrewG (Andrew Glen) 13th & 14th 12. Elly Calienda + 2, 14th only 13. Winnoze (Ant Whitehead) plus 1 13th&14th 14. Geedee (Malcolm Martindale) + 13th & 14th 15. Bigh (Howard Beckmann) 13th & 14th 16. Bones28 (Anthony Hext) +2 13th & 14th 17. GSC (Gary Crowther) 13th & 14th 18. BedZee Man (Chris Jones) 14th.
  6. I’m pleased you all enjoyed my post and commented on the positives. Yes Zed life is full of life’s ups and downs. I tend to dwell on the good things that come my way now in life and enjoy sharing this with like minded others. All too often, I find social media to be a platform for negativity and the telling of the shit things that unfortunately, but inevitably, occur to all of us on life’s road of ups and downs. So with that thought in mind, I will be jumping in my everso reliable 300zx and tootle off for a nice spin out to somewhere I haven’t been to or seen before, maybe take in a little lunch and have a pleasant chat with a complete stranger about my “ rare to see that car nowadays” Zed in a random car park, as is usually the way, I might even take a photo. I like seeing folks smile knowing my 300zx Z32 has brought some positive vibes to the party. Love and Peace :-)
  7. So I got to thinking about the last 3 years as a 300zx Z32 Owner and realised just how many new friends I have made and mates I now have in the Zed community. All the way back to when Gazwoz offered me Purple Haze, my sweet Midnight Purple 98 TT in a deal against an old vinyl record collection I had stuffed in a cupboard and the few quid I had saved up. I think being the good guy he is, he knew after my many months in hospital I was desperate to get out on the road again and that one of his Zed’s was top of my list, Gazwoz made me an incredible offer and Thank God he did, a top bloke. Of course, I never would have found out about Gazwoz without the 300zx UK owners forum and the many, many people who recommended Gazwoz to me at that the time, new and old members alike, Thanks to all in the 300zx forum for that. And so it began, as I needed someone to maintain my new pride and joy, I met up with Lee Dent of L.A. Autos as he lives closest to me and my family up in Birmingham, Lee Dent had been highly recommended by a few people I had met at Zed meets and of course was a trader in the 300zx forum and recommended by many on the forum as quite a good mechanic and a good bloke, they weren't wrong, 3 years later and having all the work necessary carried out by Lee Dent at L.A Autos on both my Zeds and not a single blip, never broke down, always has the spares, running like a dream. Lee actually cares about my Zed when he works on her and always has a warm welcome when I take my car 2 hours to Shrewsbury from Bedford. Only recently Lee sorted out my rear shocks and while I was there he and Callum were taking little nuts and bolts off the engine bay and placing new shiny ones there, adjusting my handbrake, customising a set of UK spec funky spats to fit, giving me bits and bobs to keep her looking good, nothing to do with the shock absorber work I was paying him for, it was just to see my car at its best, as a mate would. I recall my first meet ever was with Chris Basildon and his mate with the widebody Zed, in the snow... I was that keen to get to a meet!! Chris and I have had some great Zed meets since and hope to continue. Boxhill to Brighton being a good one, Chris is a great mechanic and was an inspiration as Chris’s zed is absoloutley stunning, mint, a really good example of how to own and maintain a Zed. Thanks for the inspiration Chris! A year or so back, I had the misfortune to be made redundant and Purple Haze had to go, she who must be obeyed was being sensible ...again… but fair play, I managed to pick up Lil Red with the few quid I had left after getting another job. This little shortie was an 89, a manual and Red….but she was in a bit of a state after being left in a garage for over seven years, so that's when my mates Paul Liff and Lee Dent really kicked in. Paul Liff has to be one of the most generous and helpful gezzer’s in the Zed community, he spent hours with me getting trim and interiors sorted and the bodywork looking cool, he even spent hours on a cold wet floor helping me change the steering bushes on the Haze once, a top bloke with a passion for Zeds and helping Zed owners I have never seen before or since. Paul's car is a testimony to the pride he has for the Z32 and a cracker of a car, it made me come to realise that modifications on a Zed is a good thing, aside from the performance angle, the expression and art work on his car, like James Paul’s Zed and Mike Sanford’s cars are a great way of being you, I like that in someone. Stand apart. Lee Dent sorted out all the mechanics as usual and as he knows, its all about reliability for me, hence I can honestly say every single time I get in my car, she starts and I go where I wanna go and I get back home again, every time. Thanks again to Lee Dent and LA Autos. Along the way I have met some great characters, Phutumsh, the light guru with a fantastic shortie, again, a bloke who went out of his way to help me sort my Altia lights out on a cold and windy evening. Thanks Andy! Slick Pete…. What can I say…. I went to pick up a spoiler and had the most adrenalin pumping, mad as F**k rides as a passenger in his Zed, I kid you not I was shaking when I got out, he really knows how to drive a Zed, Thanks Pete! One of the nicest blokes I have had the pleasure to meet and call a friend is Craig S of the 300zx forum, always got a smile and relentlessly works hard on the forum with Jaikai and others to offer advice and encourages Zed owners to meet up, the annual AGM at Coventry being one of my faves, along with Cars on the Lake. Thanks to all who work hard on both the 300zx forum and the Nismo 300zx Z32 UK FB page, a fantastic site, great work, keep it up. With experienced Zed mechanics available in the UK like Jimmer down in Bristol, Lee over in Shrewsbury and Mike up North, I am hopeful that others who are thinking of investing in a Z32 and reading this will know there are many, many good people in the Zed community there to offer help and advice when its needed. Its been a blast this summer getting out and about in the Zed and long may it continue. To all my Zed mates, Steve B, Ian G, Joe T, Chris H, Paul K, Darren A, Ash, Ali, Joel, Si, Gary, Richie K, Bob Jones, Kieth S, Tom, Malak to name a few and no doubt loads more I have met and forget to mention……. Thanks chaps and see y’all soon . Stay happy, keep Zeddin!
  8. I'll be there in Lil Red ;-) 1. Craig +2 (Stay Saturday night (booked). Visit Donington F1 collection Saturday afternoon. See edited first post - Leave Hinckley 11am) 2. Alic +1 3. Lee and Neen, possibly Chloe 4: Funkysi 5. AndrewG (Sunday) 6. 182stevecup +1 (possibly both days) 7. JaiKai 8. GeeDee +1 maybe 9. Richard & Julia - hotel booked.... 10.(Adl) phoenix 11. Joely P (Sunday) 12. Bigh (Sunday) (hopefully) 13. Rata2ie (Sunday definite, maybe Saturday) 14. Joel1993 and Kyle 15. KGONZOKIA (Sunday) 16. EddZ32TT and maybe the family for Saturday and Sunday. 17. art213 (Sunday) 18. ZX-TT - Craig (Sunday) 19. JoeDM (Sunday) 20. Gary (GSC) - hotel booked.... 21. acbloke (Sunday 22 Taz83 Sunday show 23. Gray +1 hotel + meal 24. BedZee Man (Sunday. Possibly/Likley drive up on Saturday for a spin out as well)
  9. Wonderful seeing Joe's motor featured so prominently in the line up, such a nice example as well. Nice one Mr Topps, you have helped increase the interest in the Z32 on a National scale!! I have had quite a few mates calling me last week, "have you seen the Zed on TG "?? Cheers man!
  10. Sorry Joe, easier for me to meet up with Chris and Daz and pop down the A1 mate, see you down there though, cheers!
  11. Luvverly Jubberly mate, see you & Daz at 09:45 Sarf Mimms chap!
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