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  1. Not yet, that's the next step on my list to check.
  2. The radiator is new, I just replaced the cooling fan, because it was full with cracks, the plastic part around it is reinstalled, because it was loose everywhere.
  3. I already went three times to a mechanic, but he still has not found it. Everything is installed correctly, nothing loose, so that makes it even more strange. Head shields all checked, dynamo, etc., I can't stand it that it's impossible to find, it's so irritation when you drive in a city and the rattle is really loud then. It destroys all the fun driving.
  4. I have a very irritating vibration / rattle sound somewhere around the engine, does anyone had this sound before or knows what it can be?....it drives me nuts!
  5. When I drive my 1994 300ZX convertible and take a right turn the warning BRAKE light goes on when I go left it goes off again. Looks like a bad connection somewhere. Has someone an idea where to look which can cause this?
  6. It's a '94 300ZX convertible, I imported it from the US to The Netherlands. With the convertor, you mean the speed sensor?
  7. My speedo meter isn't working well, it's jumping up and down or says I'm driving 50 when I actually drive 30 miles. Also the power steering works only when I'm parking, with higher speeds it's not doing anything. I was hoping to fix this by replacing the speed sensor, so I did, but nothing changed. Anyone has an idea what it else can be? [url=https://postimg.cc/TprQ0TqP][img]https://i.postimg.cc/GhfNc24v/DSC03462.jpg[/img][/url]
  8. Thanks for the reactions! All I need now is a new speed sensor, because my meters all broke down except the tacho meter.
  9. I'm importing my '94 Nissan 300ZX convertible, but it did not pass. I need the following parts quickly! - steering gear dust cover - steering rack covers - steering ball covers. Anyone knows where I can get these new?
  10. I still need to give it a good polish, I already cleaned a part and it turns out even better. When I cleaned it totally, I will show the final end result.
  11. I found and bought an original exhaust where only 8000 Miles are driven with! So, I'm going to replace my stainless stain one, which will be for sale once I have replaced it.
  12. I really like the original exhaust pipes (and sound) it's more silent. I must see how I'm going to do this then.
  13. Thanks for your response! Hmm...that's pitty that it's not that simple, then I have to search for an original 2 seater version exhaust. The sound from the stainless steal one is great, but for me to hard. (I'm very sensitive with my hearing) So I want to install an original, more silent one again. Once that's than, the stainless steal one will be for sale.
  14. I have a '94 Nissan 300ZX convertible with a stainless stail exhaust, I want to replace it by an original again. The thing is, I can get one from a 2+2, but my convertible is a two seater, is it possible to use the exhaust? (maybe cut out a small section out of it to make it shorter?)
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