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    Own a couple Z project cars until the day I can pick up the keys and take it for a drive.
    Modified IMPUL 932s TT manual (the bane of insurance quotes lol)
    Stockish na auto
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  1. It did, it was a hydraulic system in the boot behind the driver under a plastic piece.
  2. I'll be back around April time. My Dad may be able to fish stuff out for you however as he is based in London.
  3. Hi, Apologies, I haven't received any WhatsApps from you in quite a while. I am currently at uni in Sheffield however I can pass you my Dad's number and brief him about it (and make sure he can find them) Sorry it has taken so long, we could never arrange anything and then I forgot about it. Ali
  4. It would take maybe a weekend? You don't need new turbos. Putting the clutch pedal in the interior is a bit of a faff, and changing the pilot bearing to the manual one can be a pain. But other than that and a bit of wiring. Its just like a gearbox swap. Is it worth it? Well I couldn't stand the auto so imo yes.
  5. I thought I had a thread for it but I cant seem to find it.
  6. Yep the black one gets the majority of my attention. Its now running well and has boot loads of power. Had that on the road over summer. All it needs is some paint and fix some rough edges and of course some upgrades down the line, most prominently the brakes. And finally get an interior done which is a long story.
  7. Hi, I do still have this car and I've got her roadworthy bar some will rust. I haven't really had a need to have this car to drive so it's just been dry stored for a while. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet.
  8. 1: Funkysi (Simon Parsons) 13th and 14th 2: 3: Joely P (Joel Pickering) 13th and 14th 4: Baz (Barry Keen) 14th 5: RichardS (Richard Smith) +1, 13th and 14th 6: 7: Craig & Nikk 13th and 14th 8: Iangreenfield +1 13th and 14th 9: 10: Gray....Graham +1, 13th & 14th 11: AndrewG (Andrew Glen) 13th & 14th 12. Elly Calienda + 2, 14th only 13. Winnoze (Ant Whitehead) plus 1 13th&14th 14. Geedee (Malcolm Martindale) + 13th & 14th 15. Bigh (Howard Beckmann) 13th & 14th 16. Bones28 (Anthony Hext) +2 13th & 14th 17. GSC (Gary Crowther) 13th & 14th 18. BedZee Man (Chris Jones) 14th. 19.(adl) phoenix (Ashley Stevenson) 13th & 14th 20. KnightRacer (Stephen LI) 13th& 14th 21 black-zed (kev nottingham) 14th only, will aim for 10am but maybe a little later due to working sat night 22.GRAMPADRIFTER 13th and 14th 23.300zx aly 14th 24. Mondo (Simon Lee) +1 (?), 13th & 14th 25. NemesizX (Paul Liff) +1 13th &14th 26. ingram65 (John Martin) 14th 27. KGONZOKIA (paul kennett) +1 14th 28. Coopd (David Coop) 14th 29. BambooJoe (James Harris) +1 14th 30. cbr (Daniel Radu) 14th 31. 182stevecup (Steve +1) 32. ianl 13th+14th 33. Gonzo12c (Marty) 14th 34. makaveli96 14th 35. Alic + 1 13th (meal) + 14th
  9. Thank you all, I will be making a comeback shortly
  10. Take door card off, unbolt the door glass runner stoppers (2 of them), take the outside window trip off without bending it, unbolt the glass from the motor, 2 bolts, lift glass out. (You have to take the outside and inside pillar trip off also)
  11. If its got hit to the point of damaging the lights and trims, I would be surprised if it hadn't sustained some decent body damage but would be interesting to see pictures. Also Whats that? Its metal under the lights.
  12. He means the impul clear covers over the front lights. Like my car has :)
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