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  1. It's primer! No way would it be brown haha. I painted it black as you can see in one of the pics just to see the imperfections.
  2. Done a little more work on the tablet install today. Getting closer it's just so time consuming getting the lines right and shaped symmetrically. Once all the filler work is done and the cubby hole fitted I think it will look quite smart.
  3. Detailed the car today in its many processes hopefully will have time to finish it off tomorrow. I forget how therapeutic it is but I got this far today! Jet washed Snow foamed Jet washed 2 bucket wash with mitt Dried Clayed Polished Sealed
  4. Refreshed my front calipers tonight as they was a bit faded. Came out well I think. Also painted the rear disc drums also so it's all nice and black for when I put the wheels back on. Still need to change the rear caliper colour to match the front also.
  5. I cut the plastic away sanded and then filler primed then painted. The rigidity and strength is fine also.
  6. Thanks Im in need of a few switching round. Annoying why it does that.
  7. I need to put it all back together yet. I Smoothed the fan cowling also which let's the Koyo rad bracket fit better I found. Ill post a seek peak as I said it's not all there or fitted yet! Finished pics to come soon.
  8. Colour coded and tidied up the engine bay mostly this week. Relocated the ptu as well as refreshing the loom and plugs with new loom tape, spiral loom wrap as well as using contact cleaners on all plugs. Nearly finished the covers and colour coding.
  9. Loosing enthusiasm to do jobs on the car! Stop and starting jobs is getting on my nerves as I've not had much time. I adjusted the coilover's last night as they was a bit to soft and also fitted the alloys after having them painted and diamond cut again.
  10. This weekend i layed pretty much on my back stripping off all the original stone chip from the underside then treated a few stone chip blisters then painted the whole underside with hammerite. Such a horrible job! After that i sprayed a few fresh coats of chip guard to protect it all for a few more year's. I was impressed with how clean the underside of the car is! Just a few stone chip blisters forming that was easily removed with a wire brush. I'm very happy with the results :)
  11. Thanks everyone. I'm at your place of work Monday mate Sadly no zed still.
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