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  1. Work in progressimage3.thumb.jpeg.2090a8bd9cdf0cb4b84bad23d704425c.jpeg

    1. Gaz 300

      Gaz 300

      Looking great in red 👍 

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  3. You rebuilt my engine in 2009 when I was relocating to Abu Dhabi.

    Do you still have that huge dog that took my hand in its mouth as I walked back to the gate after picking some things from the car.

    The car was put in storage until last year. It got started every week and kept warm in winter. Three years ago the storage company, old friends, had a company they new, replace all the fluids and plumbing.

    I have discovered 2 leads that I assume they dislodged on the drivers side of the engine. Do you know what these are.


    I have covered about 300 miles and am busy rewiring the audio.

    I would like to bring the car down to you to check the engine over in a few weeks - is that good with you.

    Kind Regards


    1. Bones28


      They should be the AIV and EGR plugs I deleted mine when I had the engine out. Should be another yellow ish connector on the passenger side as well.

    2. jgphenry


      Good to know, thanks


  4. Sorry slow replying to your post - yes returned from the middle east
  5. Update - imported FIC Hubcentric Wheel Spacers, Pair 10mm 5x114.3 12x1.25mm, Part Number: WP5110-66N from Concept Z Performance and thay would appear to have solved the problem. Many thanks again for the advice
  6. Did you fit the spacers front and back
  7. Yes the car has an altitude issue - has an one ground the bulbous end of the hicas arm
  8. Between showers got the wheels of - marking on inner rim 10Jx18J H2 ET 45 which I assume is +45mm offset. As I am having alot of trouble with ride height I increased coil overs 14mm all round. Did not solve HICAS hitting the rim but noise has changed a little !
  9. Yes identical scoring (haven't checked offset markings on inside of rim because of the rain !
  10. Oops first time under the car in years. Yes oil pressure gauge working
  11. 265/35 ZR 18 (93Y) N4 - but no issues before coil overs fitted
  12. The electrical sleeve to the gearbox speed sensor (1991 auto) has split and one wire is severed, everything seems to be working except the HICAS light is on. Has anyone come across this before. I will not have a chance to repair and see what happens for a few weeks but am curious.
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