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  1. As a computer nerd dark themes make me very happy.
  2. That's being kept safe in the glove box until the clock is repaired/replaced and goes back in. Another job on the 'to-do list' i haven't got around to...
  3. This weekend is the first time in a while i spent any time driving/tinkering with the Zed. I finally got around to fitting the gear shift gaiter I purchased from Mondo. It's only been a year since i had the manual conversion carried out. ?
  4. IMO the Auto box is not terrible. My car was an auto before it was converted by PowerZed. It put a big smile on my face when the 'POWER' light came on. ?
  5. IMO you are much better off making sure the other boxes are ticked (especially the rust one) and then factoring in a manual conversion. Don't get me wrong, if you find a mint factory manual then great. But manual cars are quite hard to find, so you could be ignoring an otherwise perfect Zeds by going down the No Auto's route. All the parts for a manual conversion can be had for approx £800+ and with a bit of work you can have yourself a nice solid Zed.
  6. At a glance looks like a nice car. MOT history only goes back as far as July this year - so possibly a recent import?
  7. As the owner of a Black Slicktop TT this makes me happy. ?
  8. Unless something has changed in the last few months, Jimmer doesn't do the MOT himself - he uses a garage approximately 2 minutes away from him. I live in the area so my first choice would be to take the car to him, failing that I'm happy to go somewhere he recommends.
  9. I wouldn't go adding additional themes, just wondered if there was a tick-box or setting which I've overlooked. I prefer reading light(ish) text off a dark background - but appreciate the majority of internet is the other way around!
  10. The colour picker is a nice touch, although it has got me wondering if there is a 'dark mode' which can be enabled anywhere? Having spent some time using (and configuring) vBulletin 5.x, IMO this is a much nicer alternative. ?
  11. How are things going Nick? Did you get to the bottom of the issue with the trigger setup?
  12. I've just spent the last 20 minutes looking at Akebono kits, which is way overkill for my needs. Iain if you're interested in selling both of the master cylinder braces, then I am also interested in buying one (again). As for the OP, there is a good sticky on brake upgrades somewhere, it's definitely worth a read if you haven't come across it already.
  13. I had one of these off you in 2016. I sold it after I got rid of my last Zed. Wish I held onto it now :pinch:
  14. I have a Sigma, as does my brother on his Land Rover. We both have no complaints.
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