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    Hi after blue tint door glass for drivers and passenger sides


  2. Hi, do you still need some UK Blue door glass?



  3. After owning this car for 4 years, things have certainly moved on in the last few months. Firstly, just before lock down, I went up and collected my interior from Si (this is now sat in my front room all covered up waiting to be fitted. Still have some wiring bits to finish off first. I then decided I could not put such a lovely interior into a car that needed so much TLC, so pulled the trigger and had it resprayed. The colour choice was long and exhausting, going from all the solid greys that are so in at the moment, to a Porsche chalk and even avalanche grey. I have watched here and seen other's pain trying to decide on a colour that compliments the cars natural lines and also excites you when you see it. I eventually decide to stay with the original colour pallet "ish" but lift it little and give it more modern "j'en n'a sa que", a more OEM plus shall we say. Well I guess you guys will be able to say if I have got it right :). It is so much more in person (like a lot of colours I guess). Every time I go back to look at it, I think yep nailed it haha
  4. Can’t wait mate tbh. It has been such a long time with it sat on the drive and getting wet and grimy. I think I have washed it more times than the number of miles I have driven in the last two years with her. But I am building a garage so when she is back from paint she will be under cover. will need MOT and exhaust sorting (as I don’t want the large bore exit anymore, a more refined quad exit is required) then a trip to Jimmer for a health check before she is allowed on the open road. Happy but expensive times. ?
  5. Hi gents, another question, has anyone fitted a digital coolant temp gauge? if so which one and from where? Does it require a new temp sensor fitted to the bypass pipes? can you fit one where the existing temp gauge is? look forward to your replies
  6. Hi guys, I am going to install an ai606 Toad alarm with tilt sensor and I was wondering if any of you might have a wiring diagram, or know which wires I need to splice into to create the immobiliser circuits. all advise welcome cheers ???
  7. Another update. As most of you follow Mondo on his Facebook page and are following this forum sites Facebook page, you will have seen the pics he has posted showing that my interior has now been fully completed. Going to pick it all up next weekend can’t wait to see it all in it’s leather glory. It won’t go in straight away as I have decided to redo a load of wiring fit a car alarm oh and get the car resprayed, better to get it all done before interior goes in. I will post pics when the car is all back together. Then after four years of no stereo and two years of it being off the road, I might actually get to drive her and try out the manual box me and a mate fitted last year. happy times, hopefully a good year and if any shows go ahead might get to a few. ???
  8. As I am going to have the car resprayed soon I am Interested to know what seals/rubbers etc that are needed when refitting / replacing windscreen and rear tailgate glass and where the best place to get them all from? thank you in advance
  9. Hi looking at your bumper, is that a ‘99 spec twin turbo or a scarab bumper? I can see that you have used mesh around the openings including the fog light area, are the fog light mounting points still useable? where abouts are you? Would you be able to post? regards Stuart
  10. He has posted on his Facebook page. He was in hospital two weeks ago and then collapsed as he walk out when released. He has had a week of rest and is now back at work. I have seen pictures of my centre console and glove box covered in leather, so for me it looks like my interior has been started. It has been over three years so along time I know. Not on a rush now that the summer has gone. Hopefully have it all sorted for next year.
  11. Exhaust is back on all started and a quick drive sounded as if it was going to stall and a bit like a track car. Removed the loop back vac line from the balance bar and ran fine so I am guessing that this vac line that I removed from the AIV system relay that also goes back to a point on the block needs to be either re connected too as it was or blanked off. Thoughts?
  12. As I said earlier in the thread Just had communication from Si today via messenger he is snowed under and is trying to get on top off everything and his work phone still needs attention. So he is still around but just busy. But it is hard when you you hear and get communication from Si get excited and then think amazing here we go, then nothing for weeks. I think all we all want is a bit of consistency. We are all behind you Si and only want the best for you and your business and of course our interiors done lol. :thumbup::biggrin: Stuart
  13. Just had communication from Si today via messenger he is snowed under and is trying to get on top off everything and his work phone still needs attention. So he is still around but just busy. So looks like my interior is nearly at the top of the list
  14. Yep I know it sounds mad but he did a group but with a great discount and his work is supposed to be fab, with many high recommendations. It’s just that his communication let’s him and his business down. I just hope that he will live up to all the hype and my expectations and deliver my interior re trimmed. Or I guess as a last resort my money and interior back lol so at least the car can go back on the road, as at the moment my car looks worse than a car in a scrapyard haha
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