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  1. Thank you all, I know I'm not the most active on here (Far from it) but i still have my Z along with some very big plans for it so you'll probably see more of me in the future
  2. Thanks everyone, it felt slightly strange as I actually had to go into work today, it's the first time since I started the job that I've been in on my birthday :rant::headvswal Oh well, going out for a meal soon so should be getting royally tipsy.
  3. Have a good'en, will have to buy you a drink when I see you next
  4. Congratulations, I'd best stop winding you up now then
  5. Welcome, You'll find everything you need to know about the Z here, and lots of things you never wanted to know... :duffer:
  6. T-Shirts, Polo knecks, and a mug would be good ideas me thinks
  7. paid by paypal a couple of days ago to renew, but have just lost access to the members forums :confused: :cry:
  8. Welcome, Was that pic taken at Bruntingthorpe?
  9. Anyone would think you've just come out of a meeting - 3 posts in 8 minutes And thankyou
  10. Just signed up although don't have a Z yet and won't for about a year :rant: So just to say, you don't need to rush the stickers.... But externals would be nice
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