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  1. That looks like the winner to me, thanks!!!
  2. Yet another thread of mine looking for a near impossible component, yes lol. If anyone happened to receive their 98/99/00 Fairlady with the OE battery from the Nissan assembly line in it still, and you were smart enough to hang onto it even tho it's a dead brick, I would like to buy it. Please reach out. I plan on gutting the internals and installing modern lithium guts. This way I have the original appearance for car shows. Cheers, Alex
  3. Thank you! Looks like it was for sure a Bridgestone.
  4. I appreciate that info, but I am looking for the original JDM tire that came on the car. The OE tire that they left the Nissan factory with for sale in the JDM in the last 3 years of production. As stated, I have no intention on driving on them.
  5. That's disappointing. The search continues.
  6. I'm guessing they were Goodyear and I know the size and rating was 225/50 R16 92V. I'm guessing maybe something like an Eagle LS2000 or whatever the OE equivalent was in 98/99/00 Anyone know for sure? Sure wish I could read Japanese to see if the brochure says it...
  7. Does anyone know what the OE tire from Nissan was on the 98+ Fairlady Z in Japan? I would presume it was the same tire for all 4 models, but I am asking for a Version R if it was different. I'm wondering the make/model of the tires was so I can research what year they may have gone out of production. Maybe they are still in production, who knows. but I'd like a zero mile set. I have my BBS wheels off getting restored by BBS and I'd like to track down the correct tires. Don't plan to drive on them, just put them on for shows. Cheers, Alex
  8. I located and purchased a set of correct wheels, they have seen better days so I did get a fantastic price on them I think. I'll be sending them to BBS for refinishing. Thanks!
  9. Thanks! Looks like I'll just have to spend a lot of time checking the Yahoo Japan auctions.
  10. Man, wish I could edit posts lol. I'm looking for a set of the Version R Recaro seats too. Thanks.
  11. Oh, I'm looking for a Version R steering wheel too with the red stitching and perforated material. I can't even figure out the correct Nissan P/N for that lol. So help there too please if you can.
  12. Can anyone help me out in locating a set of the correct 16x7.5" BBS OEM wheels offered on the 1998/99/00 JDM models? I need the centre caps too. The wheels are P/N 40300-53P25 and the centre caps are 40342-53P10. I reached out to 3 of the parts suppliers in Japan and they just give me the canned excuse of discontinued. I don't think they are taking the time to check the inventory of all the dealerships to find one that has a set left in stock. I don't care much about condition long as they are not out of round, I can always have BBS refinish them. NOS would of course be ideal tho.
  13. I have yet to even come across any base model "300ZX" models in my research so I haven't seen anyway either. Looking at that they never made a SWB Version R TT in 1999/2000, which explains why I've only found 2by2 versions in my search.
  14. Oh I see. I personally prefer the 2+2 actually so that's what I am going with at this point. That said, if I can't get a LWB after some time and a SWB comes up that's right for me in terms of everything else, then I would go with that.
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