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  1. Welcome back to the fold and good luck with your Z search, Graham’s Impul would be a fine choice indeed.
  2. Welcome to the club Scott. That looks like a lovely Z you’ve got there although it doesn’t look familiar to me.
  3. How’re you keeping, Alan?
  4. Hi Tony, welcome to the club. When my Z was first imported, the electric aerial was slow, noisy in operation and generally stopped retracting about 6” from the base. I gave the telescopic section a good clean at full extension and then gave it a good lube up! From then on it worked like new.
  5. If the government continues to keep pressing the self destruct button repeatedly, I’ll be selling mine soon to pay the mortgage for a few months!
  6. And counting... .. ... .. ... ..
  7. That’ll be Lee Edwards old Z, looks great Aff [emoji106]
  8. PowerZed is certainly the best man for this job, don’t let the distance get in the way.
  9. Welcome back dude. Look forward to following the progress, it sounds like this Z is in the right hands. [emoji41]
  10. Not that I’ve ever seen. The battery box for the 300zx also doesn’t have the appropriate fixing points for that to clip to either. I can’t find the part in the Z32 parts catalogue but it shows up in an Almera catalogue.
  11. Joely P

    Reflection on an Icon

  12. Joely P

    Full beam ahead

    That’s awesome! ?
  13. Joely P

    Down the barrel!

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