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  1. Don’t you just love the reflections off the bonnet when they’re clean and shiny! 😎
  2. I mirror Richard’s sentiments. The OEM spoiler does definitely give the rear end a slightly more “beefy” look but the TwinZ is a bit more sleek. You can’t beat the finish of an undamaged OEM version but a TwinZ product is probably the best finish/quality you’ll find outside the OEM option. For me, you can’t really go wrong with either of your options and if your OEM spoiler isn’t water damaged then you could save yourself a nice wedge of cash. Otherwise, it could well come down to the availability of an OEM one that could swing your decision!
  3. That was DTA UK, the parent company still exists, is still trading and is a ConZult dealer.
  4. Very nice 👍 Do you know exactly what they used to paint the control arms?
  5. It’s been perfectly fine in my experience but I think you’ll be fine with any decent brand oil within the correct spec range. I would suggest that the “competition” title is just fancy marketing and would probably be named as such because it contains expensive ester based synthetics (that need to be replaced more often). I’m not aware that this offers any less protection from a cold start but I will generally bring the engine up to temperature before bringing under too much load regardless of the oil type. There is an argument to be had regarding the use of fully synthetic oils in older t
  6. I’ve recently given the Z a small amount of much needed love and attention whilst it sits quietly, poised and ready for action, on standby, awaiting deployment! A drop of fresh oil and a replacement battery was on the cards. 😎
  7. Try sending them an email, I’m fairly sure they’re still trading. http://dta-motorsport.com/ info@dta-motorsport.com
  8. It does freshen them up nicely, even a new set! I used a good quality aluminium foil tape and the access is only by removal of screws, no heating of glues etc to separate the cluster!
  9. Welcome back to the fold and good luck with your Z search, Graham’s Impul would be a fine choice indeed.
  10. Welcome to the club Scott. That looks like a lovely Z you’ve got there although it doesn’t look familiar to me.
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