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  1. I’m a Sonax Profiline kinda guy when it comes to leather! 👌
  2. Unfortunately, the RPS/SZ flywheel is no longer available.
  3. The JDM mounting point for a full size UK number plate on the front bumper is too narrow. It would potentially flap around at the sides and chafe my paint. 😏 Besides, I just order a “pair” of number plates! But ultimately, yes, you’re correct.
  4. Indeed, Jimmer is your man even if there’s a wait involved.
  5. Hi Lee, hope you’re well. The information you require is documented here, specifically regulation 14A for an import vehicle (I have this document printed off and in my glovebox just in case!). https://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2002/2687/made The Z32 (import) falls into this category: “Size and spacing of characters: special cases 14A.—(1) This regulation applies in relation to any vehicle imported into the United Kingdom which— (a)does not have European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval; and (b)is so constructed that the area available for the fixing of the registration plate precludes the display on the plate of a registration mark in conformity with the requirements of regulation 14. (2) In relation to a vehicle to which this regulation applies— (a)each character in the registration mark must be 64 millimetres high; (b)the width of each character of the mark, other than the letter “I” and the figure “1”, must be 44 millimetres; (c)the width of every part of the stroke forming a character in a mark must be 10 millimetres; (d)the spacing between any two characters within a group must be 10 millimetres; (e)the vertical spacing between groups of characters must be 5 millimetres; (f)the width of a margin between the mark and the top and lateral sides of the registration plate must be not less than 5 millimetres; (g)the space between the bottom of the mark and the bottom of the registration plate must be not less than 13 millimetres; but, within that space, the space between the bottom of the mark and the top of the name and postcode of the person by whom the plate was supplied must be not less than 5 millimetres.”
  6. The most expensive area of rust to repair is inside the rear sill cavity where the targa drain tube exits. This tube often comes adrift, draining the water into the sill; or the sill drain is mistaken for a jacking point and is crushed to the point where any condensation or moisture build up gets trapped in the sill. When this rust rears it’s head on the outside it’s usually an absolute mess inside and can be costly to repair properly. If I was Z shopping now, I would be kindly asking the seller to allow access to that area which is a simple procedure but does involve tools. General areas of rust will be more visible in a basic look round with a decent torch and a mirror so have a good look underneath, around the front suspension turrets and behind the rear wheels at the bottom of the bumper.
  7. Time Left: 5 days and 1 hour

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    Hi All, does anyone have a spare set of Meister R coilovers locking keys/c spanners that they’d like to part with by any chance?


  8. My UK cluster also has a seatbelt warning lamp here:
  9. View Advert Meister R C spanners Hi All, does anyone have a spare set of Meister R coilovers locking keys/c spanners that they’d like to part with by any chance? Advertiser Joely P Date 30/03/21 Price £123.00 Category Parts - Wanted  
  10. Hopefully there’s enough meat left on them to give them another machining session, but I’d personally much rather use a well recommended head specialist to overhaul the ones you have rather than take a punt on an eBay item. The 48p heads are supposed to be an improved design over the 40p so you may aswell take advantage of that if you can and finding used 48p heads will be a challenge! I’m with Nick, £500 for a fit and forget top end is a decent price on the grand scheme of things!
  11. Yeah, if he’s changing to 40p he’ll need an early lower intake too right?
  12. Welcome back to the fold dude, we’ve missed you 😎
  13. Happy Birthday Andrew 🎉 Hope you’re well.
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