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  1. Thanks for the advice mate, will get the car up as high as possible to give myself some good eye balling room and match the parts up like you said. Won't be able to have a look until next weekend now as the weather hasn't really been the best for it but will post what I find here when I do. Cheers
  2. So basically the cats have started to crumble (as the standard exhausts do on these) so theres a blow in the exhaust, I have downpipes and test pipes (all new gaskets, stud, nuts etc are with them) sitting around that I bought a while ago to do the work. My questions are: 1. If I were to fit the test pipes that I have sitting around, would they fit straight onto the standard downpipes? . 2. If the test pipes don't fit (even if they do), can the downpipes be replaced without having to pull the engine? My Zed is a 1993 manual twin turbo, UK spec 2+2. Cheers in adv
  3. Aye it is pretty daft that something so small can cause such a big headache but I guess that's cars nowadays eh? Glad that you found the source of the problem though!
  4. Sorry to hear about the problems you're having with your Z mate. As it turned out the main issue with mine was the MAF that needed a damn good clean after being sat in an mot garage for months thanks to covid, the sporadic work being done to it and the constant start stop was sucking up all sorts of grime into the MAF so all I did was take it off and give it a good clean out with electrical contact spray from halfords replugged and she seems to be in good order now, couple of days back and forward to work with no issues. Could maybe try giving the MAF a clean out? Or like the other
  5. It is mate, double checked when I was at it yesterday.
  6. Much appreciated for the help guys, turned out to be the MAF! Took it off and gave both it and the cone filter a good old clean out, now she revs like normal 😁 I am a bit worried about the MAF connector though because it's easily disconnected even with the spring clip in place, might be a good idea for a cheeky cable tie?
  7. I wish I did mate though I don't know anyone else in my area with a Zed to ask. Maybe it was wishful thinking to hope that Zed MAFs weren't as bad as Vauxhall ones Haha. I'll be heading down tomorrow after work to have a poke around and check the codes, would it help to try cleaning it first?
  8. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I wont be able to get back to the car until wednesday but will try unplugging the maf and see what's it runs like. I'll also use the guide you've posted there and see if there are any codes pop up too, never had the time to do it tonight. Would the maf go bad if the car had been sitting around for too long? Been in the garage getting work since the start of lockdown so around 6 months now.
  9. Back again to ask you guys for a bit more help. Got my Zed back today with a new mot but seems to have a bad stuttering issue when it reaches 2500rpm in all gears, the revs also hunt a bit too on idle and this seems to happen when both cold and up to temp. Cars a manual UK TT. Any advice would be appreciated
  10. Well today I finally got the Zed back with a fresh years mot! That's the good news, the bad news is that now it doesnt seem to want to go past the 2500rpm range and stutters like hell though I'll post that in the technical help bit
  11. Thanks mate, I've relayed as much information as I could find on re-routing it at the front end (including sheet shots of forums posts and pics) so hopefully they will be able to complete the work. If they come back with more questions I'll stick them on here if that's ok? Andy
  12. Apologies for taking so long to reply. So basically the garage carrying out the work has managed to install the delete kit (after a wee fight with the ball joints but they got there). As I'm keeping the TT pump and pot though they are having issues with how to re-route the fluid hoses that removing the solenoid have left. Anyone got any more advice for them, pictures or a basic how too would be greatly appreciated! So close to getting the car mot ready. Andy
  13. Great suggestion mate, I'll be popping down to the garage with the delete kit tomorrow on my break from work, I'll show them your advice and hopefully they'll know what to do (they dont specialize in ZX's but are still a good garage to get work done at). Much appreciaed!
  14. Hi folks, Just wanting a wee bit of help, preferably with pictures. So a bit of back story, my Zed has been in the car garage basically since the start of lock down for mot work, recently they made a lot of progress on doing the work after a back log of customer cars but one of the rear hicas hose burst when they started the car up to go for the test (personally feel like I dodged a bullet with that one). I've got my hands on a Hardrace hicas delete kit which is perfect for getting shot of the rear rack, arms and ball joints but doesn't come with the fittings to re-circul
  15. Funnily enough it was APC that picked tyres I bought up for returning too Camskill aswell, what are the odds! Hahaha
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