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  1. Time Left: 23 days and 30 minutes

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    For sale, is a lot of used OEM parts for front and rear axle. All parts are already de-greased and cleaned. 160GBP for the whole lot (preferably) posted. I will post in whole Europe. Taken out of from a 1990 NA SWB Z32. Front axle : 2 units of Tension rod assembly - Ref. 2 x 54468-33P20 : Rods in good condition, bushing must be changed, 2 units of Power steering rod assembly + boots + nuts - Ref. 2 x 48521-10V08 + 2 x 48203-10V25 + 2 x 01211-00371 : Boots in good condition, sockets are greasy, 2 units of Outer socket tie rod kit - Ref. 48520-33P26 : In good condition, 2 units of Lock plates - Ref. 48635-50A06 : In good condition, although slightly bended for one, Rear axle – all in good condition : 1 unit of Rear Camber Alignment Bolt - Ref. 55226-35F10 2 units of Rear Camber Alignment Bolt Washer - Ref. 55227-35F1A 1 unit of Rear Camber Alignment Bolt Nut - Ref. 01225-00072 Others : Front Fascia Retainer + 2 screws - Ref. 62292-30P10 + 2 x 01221-00113 : Slightly bended in the center. LH + RH Targa T-top handle finishers, in rare OEM red color : Good condition, they seem to have been repaired (glued) on 2 corners, 2 pins are missing on the RH side. LH + RH Rear quarter window moldings : Good condition.


  2. Correct, this seems to be it ! Now I need to find some with the correct diameter and pitch (M10 x 1mm). Let's see ! Thanks a lot for the help so far !
  3. Yes it does, as usual (we don't fully see it though on the photo of the 1st post, I admit !..). Problem is really, that the small conical shape you have at the end of the thread, is inverted compared to my old BMC ! meaning you can screw the old OEM plug, but after 2 turs you get in collision with this inverted conical shape = no possible fluid tightness
  4. Thanks for the answer. I supposed so to, but cannot help to think there is a specific shape on the tip (see first picture of supposed Nissan plug needed)... The technical datasheet of the BMC I got is as follows. "Right CTR" is given at 10x1.0 inv. I assume this means M10x1mm. Inverted must mean here, that the cone in the BMC in convex, and not concave as on my old OEM BMC.
  5. Hello everyone, Help... I am in trouble following the purchase of a brand new Brake Master Cylinder for by USA 1989 NA Z32 : the middle plug was not supplied with the BMC, and my old plug (from my OEM BMC) cannot be fitted inside as the geometry of the cone differs... Detail below : 1st photo : The 2 BMC - LEFT : my old OEM BMC + its middle plug (conical "convex" shape) - RIGHT : The new Nabco I just bought, delivered without center plug... 2nd photo : detail of the new Nabco I just bought : we can see that the hole has its conical shape inverted, making the fitting of the old OEM plug impossible. In conclusion, I need another "concave" plug. Would anyone have this somewhere ? I would be really grateful, as the car sits currently in the garage... Thanks a lot !
  6. Good morning everyone, Recent owner of an 1992 NA manual Z32, I am currently facing gearbox damage issues : after repeatedly hearing loud rattling noises in 2nd and especially in 4th gear, we decided to open up the GB and check what was going on inside. Sadly (see pictures below), we saw that many parts were badly damaged. Does any of you faced something similar, and know what could be the reason of such an abusive wearing ? For information, my Z is a 1992 SWB NA of 130000 km, freshly imported from Japan this year. This has been spotted right on arrival. Clutch is new already. What would be your advice for the next step ? would you rather either : - go for an used gearbox (I assume it is the same of the TT GB ?), or - refurbish this one ? Thanks a million ! :)
  7. Hello everyone ! I finally got some fresh news from the garage regarding the gearbox... well, doesn‘t look so good indeed, the fear box is badly damage on 2nd and 4th gear shafts, as you can see bellow. We are checking what is the best solution now, but looks like I‘m good for a used gearbox..! Cannot see what caused so much damage, the car has only 130000km :( I‘ll be glad to hear any advice from you :)
  8. Thanks a lot for the good tips and advice !! I will definitely give it a try when I get the Z back from gear box repair. I hope I will manage not to crack the paint by doing this... :) I'll be in touch !
  9. Good question, at the time I couldn't find a replica which was matching the OEM one at 100%, and a found this last OEM wing pretty quickly after, which made me give up the replica lead... You are right, this may not have been the best choice ever :) but I am definitely going for it now. Would you have any spoiler replica recommendation ?
  10. No problem, here goes : As the wing of the imported was a bit tired of the years under Japanese sun, I was looking for a replacement. As I looked everywhere, it was pretty hard to find used OEM wing in decent condition, as the foam material it is made of, tends to age badly and it gets harder and harder to paint. I was lucky enough to find a brand new OEM wing (J6030-42P28) on a UK genuine part website. it is of dark grey color, ready to be coated. I bought it and had it directly delivered to the paint shop. Everything made it fine to the paint shop, but the wing was not painted right away, as some other work needed to be finished first. It looked like this : When it was finally painted (3 weeks ago), I got photos of it and notice that the wing was somehow sinking right in the middle of the 3 break light... (see photo below) Which is not really the way it should (photo below of the imported car, and anyway of what it should look like) : After asking around on all sides, I end up being pretty screwed, ah ah : - The paint is not responsible because they claim the wing was painted and stored on a flat surface without any chance of possible damage. They rather say it was delivered with this damage, - The defected cannot be reworked due to the material softness, - It is too late to send back the wing to the UK shop... as it is now painted and more than 3 months over order ! Well... as my only option to remain 100% OEM is to source a new one from Japan for ~1000€, so I will end up buying a nice fiber replica instead :) Regarding the paint job itself however, it has been done very well, the key seems to use the right kind of primer due to the foam material. So be sure to check it, and for sure inspect the wing itself in all detail so that you can revert in time if damaged... Hoping this will help !
  11. Well this is one of the 2 issues remaining... 1- The manual gear box is making some king of strange rumbling sound when in 4th gear at low rpm. My importer and his tech are investigating this until next week, they suspect either a worn-off bearing, or a fly wheel, let's see ! As the gear box might be anyway disassembled, I think I will invest in a new Nissan rebuild kit and in a new clutch. 2- The rear wing in soft foam : I ordered one of the last brand new one in the UK beginning of the year and sent it to the paint shop. Unfortunately, it turned out it was damaged without the possibility to repair, due to the very soft kind wing material :( Even if I did not want to in a first place, I think I will finally go for a fiber replica of this rear wing. For sure I will be really thankful if anyone has any recommendation, with as much fidelity as possible to the OEM wing :)
  12. Another couple of pictures from the Japanese auction some months ago ! Pretty nice to go for a car with 4 pictures :) More coming soon !
  13. Thank you ! I am located in Karlsruhe, it is like 1,5 hours south from Frankfurt. Not enough Z in Germany out there, it will be a pleasure to meet :)
  14. Thank you for the warm welcome :) One edit as I forgot to precise it : the Z is from 1992 !
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