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  1. Cheers Legrath, trouble is, the Zed's a non-runner, so I'm kind of limited at the moment?
  2. Sounds like a challenge to me? See how many daft threads I can think up! Just searched for Jimmer, didn't twig that he's a member! I Might be a bit out of his area though?
  3. FunkySi, thanks for the heads up! Who and where is Jimmer? Bantambunny, might be? Haven't made my mind up yet! Nice to be a part of all the sarcasm for a change......yeah, I've been watching!
  4. Morning Stu, Up early aren't you? I'm in Peacehaven, where abouts are you? I've done a little bit of work myself, I don't claim to be a mechanic, but I can work stuff out. What needs doing now though is a bit beyond me and my facilities! Hopefully, I'll catch you soon. Simon.
  5. Cheers boys! "Me time" that's the nail on the head right there! Nearly finished the shopping list. I guess I should subscribe so I can put some piccies up? You know, it's funny, I've been reading posts and advice for so many years on this site, now you're chatting with me it's like I'm talking to celebrities or something? All I need now is for Stella to say hi and my first thread will almost be complete!
  6. Cheers mate. No need to feel sorry, been putting other people before me at my own expense for too long. I *might* have learnt my lessons now? So looking forward to this!
  7. I'll get some pics up too. Got some of when I first got it from the boat, and how it is now, which may upset some of us on here..................but it'll be good again!
  8. Lol! I know I know, I've been saving myself! But that's it now, I'm just concentrating on me and what I want! Yes, sorry, I meant to say standard colours. Ah yes, I had forgotten about Ztech. I'll check them out! Thanks for that! I'm getting a shopping list together too, I'll add them to the list of things for me to check out! Ta!
  9. Hi everyone, Bit of a long story, but I'll try to keep it short! I have a car for work and have another car for the weekends. This is my introduction, from about 3 years worth of changes! I've always loved the feel of acceleration, and ended up having an MR2 turbo (sorry). Looked ok as far as they can, but at the end of the day, I felt like a complete mincer being seen in it and telling people what I drove. It was about 2005/2006 and it was time for a change, everyone had skylines or poopras and I wanted something different and loved the look of the Zed. Never driven one before
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