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  1. Not good but they should be able to sort that out, my local Pro Tyre is really good, but if they let the trainee do the tracking or balancing its never the same!!
  2. Without any shadow of a doubt Zed prices are increasing as supply is beginning to run out from the stock that is left in Japan
  3. Sorry to hear the slightly bad news, hopefully the engine holds up while you plan the big build as you have certainly put a tremendous effort into yo getting your Zed to this stage! It goes without saying but the more your tune the Zed then compression issues will show up, the results do point towards worn piston rings and as Greg mentioned you should be able to use it for the last of the summer. Hope to join you in the 600bhp club!!
  4. The difference of 0.7 mph is due to the rolling radius of the front and rear tyres being slightly different... but you will not notice that!:)
  5. Your Zed looks the part, love the look of the genuine 99 spec headlights👍
  6. I run a Stage 3+ Spec clutch, still doing the break-in miles though!
  7. I've always run 7 or 8 heat range iridium's and they have performed well on slightly modded Zed's...
  8. Never really agreed with the "UK" 300ZX or Supra being worth a premium, afterall they are all made in Japan!! with minimal differences
  9. They seem to have a good reputation but the prices are even more than Samco! Anyone running Roose hoses? views etc? tempted but not sure it's worth paying the extra?
  10. Also this is a good site: https://tiresize.com/tyre-size-calculator/
  11. 225/40 on the front seems a touch undersized compared to the rears but if that's the set up you are used to and the car handles well then it will be fine. 235/40/18 and 265/35/18 is generally a good set up in terms of rolling radius between the front and rear tyres, willtheyfit.com is a good website for virtually testing out different set ups...
  12. They even emailed me a postage label, so even the postage was free!!👍
  13. Talking of maintenance... I run my Zed's on 5w40 Millers, what do you recommend?
  14. So that means the belt will be well overdue, and yes will be a ticking time bomb!! From the advert you can guage it has not been maintained that well because nothing is mentioned in the advert about general servicing or time belt etc
  15. Was slight typo error... I would recommend NGKBKR8EIX🙂
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