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  1. Time Left: 7 days and 56 minutes

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    Fond metal wheels gunmetal grey 5x114.3 18x8 et35 Great condition refurbed less then a year ago no kurb Marks. fronts 225/40/18 perelli pzero Nero only done a couple of hundred miles rears 235/40/18 fullruns came of 300zx no longer needed.


  2. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Brand new still in original boxes look amazing check pics. Looking for some 18x8 wheels


  3. This advert is COMPLETED!

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    Trust/greddy intercoolers Ok condition just taken of my car cause I upgraded worked perfectly. £100.00+ postage


  4. Hopefully it will change and we’re get some ☀️
  5. O ok brilliant is that Sainsbury's Lyons farm ?
  6. Hi yer I done an application online but I think I was to late or the car isn't good enough I don't no it's all new to me but reguardless I be there
  7. Thanks ever1 for the replys I thought jimmer was closest as heard a look about him on this forums still quite a mission for me. Iam lucky my brother is a mercanic but think his sick of the z already As i his already done cambelt and service new rad and fan.does any1 have any advice on the vicus fan I changed mine as it was cracked to an electric went out yestaday and had coolent leaking from the bck of engine wen I parked up temp gauge was about halfway I no there useless my question is am I better putting the original fan bck on as I not sure if it's getting to hot just ordered a aftermarket temp gauge so hopefully that give me a better idea cheers scott
  8. Hi ever1 new to the owners club just bought my first 300zx turbo only had it a couple of weeks I live near Brighton and was wondering were the nearest z specialist is. I love the car but having a couple of prob with coolent leaks thanks for any reply scott
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