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  1. Had a few days off, so back at Project Red, finally rebuilt my Brembo 8 pots last night :clap: This morning I had a couple of free hours and got stuck in to fitting :thumbup: Think they look savage behind the black Veilsides:punk:
  2. Been quiet on here for a bit, forgot my subs were out, so first thing to do was resubscribe, got a load of goodies in the door last week Freshly trimmed door cards and interior pieces in Grey alcantara, 2.5” divorced down pipes, test pipes and Apexi exhaust system :clap: Another set of 18” Veilside Andrews, I know I’ve a problem with wheels:innocent: Also sorted out my brake calipers and discs, so will be getting stuck in over the coming weeks. But my biggest Z purchase this year was this..... Said I needed another Tow vehicle to get thes
  3. Now this is tidy :thumbup:Looks to be a Twinz wide arch :punk: I think I would have smoothed out the arches instead of having the fittings showing [ATTACH=CONFIG]116262[/A
  4. Aren’t there brake master cylinders on eBay for anywhere between £62 - £180?
  5. Spent a couple of days on this. Fitted up the fresh subframe with aluminum subframe C collars, threw in my rear shocks off the blue Z just for the time being and swapped out the corroded brake lines for new braided ones :thumbup1: Also test fitted my rear 4 pot Brembo’s. The Z now has a diff, driveshafts and (shortly) brakes. I removed the flywheel to send it off for a quick skim before fitting a Z1 Performance Street clutch
  6. Loving the Impul matey :punk: The Azev’s suit it to a tee :yes:
  7. Yup :yes: can’t wait, I’ve sent Keith my Kaminari door fillers and have made a burst on the red car to try and have it ready to go over end of March early April. I’ll update my Redzer thread later today:thumbup1:
  8. Forged Eagle rods and 87.5 Weisco pistons now fitted :clap:
  9. They look very period specific for these cars, good choice Richard:thumbup:
  10. So out of the blue, I got a message from the Z God that is Jimmer Thomas of Powerzed :punk::punk: Just a couple of pics to inform me that my Forged rebuild has commenced :punk::clap: Updates should be coming thick and fast on this Z in the coming weeks, Roll on Summer ‘19:punk:
  11. Ive asked Keith to paint mine Tom, I reckon the best alternative would be to get it wrapped in a black gloss maybe??
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