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  1. Still haven't fitted mine yet, will try and get it done soon, no rush as the car is away for the winter now.
  2. Hi All, The aircon condenser was made by BHM COMPAK in Kenilworth, cost £250 + VAT. The person to speak with if you want one is Paul and his number is 01926 511304. I have left a twin turbo condenser with Paul to be used as the pattern for any he manufactures. If you require a condenser for other models i'm sure he would be able to make them but he would need the old unit to copy. Rob
  3. Hi Jimmer, serpentine construction with copper pipes and aluminium fins. I have the condenser now but struggling to load photos.
  4. Hi Bazz, Spoke with them yesterday, should be ready to collect after this week. Will post a photo when i get it. Was it an easy job to get the condenser out as will have to do mine soon?
  5. Visited the company today, dropped off the condenser and had a chat about cost, looks like cost will be £250 + VAT (£300.00) This is £25 cheaper (+ import duty) than the one from America on Ebay once postage is added but also less chance of damage in transit, I mentioned depending on interest there could be an order for a small quantity but this did not seem to make much difference to the cost as it wasn't going to be a large order. I witnessed a condenser being pressure tested that they had manufactured and it looked good so I have asked them to produce one unit (as a multiple buy
  6. Hi Bazz, I have one on its way to me now (found one on Ebay) but thanks for the offer it's much appreciated. Once I have the condenser i will visit the company to find out what the cost will be to manufacture the units. Hopefully I will be able to look around the facility and see other condensers that they have manufactured (and take photos) to gauge the quality. Once the cost is known will then see how much interest there is for the unit.
  7. Just spoken to a company here in the UK who would be interested in making condensers for the 300zx tt (would also do the NA), condensers would be a serpentine construction with copper pipes and aluminium fins. I am going to try and find an old condenser to send to them so they can use it as a template and give a costing, (if anybody has an old knackered but dimensionally correct condenser that i could send them please let me know). If anyone is interested we could see about a group buy and hopefully reduce the initial quote.
  8. I also need one for my TT, if there is a group buy I would be interested.
  9. Hi Akita, The post concerning clearing the orange was from RichardS, you may need to message him unless he reads this thread.
  10. UK spec dummy vs crystal corner lights. correct, not sure which way to go yet.
  11. A few more. Any eagle eyed members may have spotted the passenger window switch common problem, checked the site for a fix and found the electrical crimp method but found a different way, photos below, used a spring locking washer, works really well and easy to fit, also can be adjusted to get the correct fit. Will post some better photos if we get any decent weather and i can get out in the car. Looking forward to getting the car out to a meet, are there any more this year?
  12. Hi All, A few more photos, just a few more jobs to get the car back to where i want it to be. Can anybody spot whats different in one of the photos? Was trying out something to see which i preferred.
  13. Hi all, it's been a while since i last posted an update, the latest work carried out has been exhaust, fuel tank and the rear sub frame with all the suspension etc all off the car, rear brake lines upgraded to copper, all bushes replaced and a one piece prop fitted as the original two piece was found to have a slight vibration at about 40mph+ when refitted (UJ bearings worn), all under sealed and MOT passed (no advisories). just need to get the engine bay cleaned and the drivers seat bolster repaired (small patch wearing) and the car should be ready for its first trip. Can anybody recommend a
  14. Just found this on Youtube, 300zx 1/10th scale model cars. Anybody drive their real car like this?:laugh:
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