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  1. Time Left: 9 days and 23 hours

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    Hi, anyone got a brake reservoir cap please


  2. Time Left: 9 days and 23 hours

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    Hi, has anyone got the small scuttle section and any headlight washer please Thanks D


  3. Super duper star, thank you so much, was hoping It wasn't needed and I could hi jack it , it's gonna be a right pain threading a cable through the tailgate! Thanks again
  4. Hi , how did you get on? I think I have 6 somewhere, Jim @ powerzed swapped mine out for new style ones.
  5. Hi all, hope your all well, can anyone please tell me what this is and what it does, I have red / green and black wires , this looks to be high level brake light, but for a Australian 300 according to the wiring diagram. Mines UK, never had a rear spoiler brake light, I've get power to it at key position 1. I've bought a rear perspex strip with the tail light and looking to wire it up. Thanks in advance D
  6. I hope this post is in the correct section, I'm still a new member and to new members I can't recommend Jim @Powerzed enough, he's had my shed for about 2 weeks and turned it around, nothing was to much trouble for him, kept me up to date with photos and reports, recommendations and the rest. He's a absolute superstar. Well worth the 2 X 400 mile round trips. Thanks again Jim, keep up the top quality work!
  7. Thanks guys, I'll check with Bernice, and is there a more specific name for the connector that I can search on Ali for? There are loads of male ones on there
  8. Hi guys, does anyone know where I can buy the knock sensor / vtc sensor female connectors from? They are on ebay but from the states so the postage is more than the plug, I can buy 100 from aliexpress but I only need 2 and there are long shipping times plus the extra import customs costs.... I've used brands batch performance before for my gt4 but no joy Turns out my knock sensor was plugged into the vtc loom and visa versa, but they both have broken wires... Thanks in advance
  9. Thanks guys, I've got bigger issues , I've tried the resistor and that didnt work, I've tested the ECU side of the harness and I think I have a short, so if I do the relocation it won't help, I need to bypass the ECU to the harness with a new piece or trace it out and fix the short which will take ages, or I can pop the resistor in at the ecu end between the signal and one of the earth's, thats probably quickest , then whe. The engine is out fix it properly
  10. Sorry, I know this has been covered a number of times and I've followed all the DIY's on the hair net, but I'm not getting very far, I've done the ohm test and get nowt in both directions, I've done the mega ohm resistor with 3 different ones just in case and everyone I clear down the error code it comes back. I've just looked at the wiring diagram and pin 23 from the ecu goes to the knock sensor, the diagram shows it as white but I think it's a dull yellow? On the diagram it shows a dotted line around it which I assume is a sheild, that matches what I saw when I took the tape off th
  11. Will do but after finding out she used to be an auto, how do I know she's a UK car, could be a Toyota carolla at this point!
  12. So I suppose the next question is when I need to replace stuff,like rads or oil coolers or anything that was in line of the auto box , do I buy auto or manual? During the conversion is there anything auto related that needs to be retained? Still confused about the hpi report saying manual, whoever had the conversion done must have updated the DVLA, yet the log book doesn't mention it. Thanks in advance
  13. Thanks Jeff, that solves it, I have 3 lights on the right above the key, the middle one says mission oil
  14. Wow that looks awesome Is there anything that's gonna trip me up if it has been converted? I've read about high idleing and stuff , it doesnt do that, I cant say I'm that concerned , I just don't wanna be followinv a workshop manual looking for stuff that may not be there
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