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  1. Time Left: 8 days and 8 hours

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    Hi, has anyone got the small scuttle section and any headlight washer please Thanks D


  2. Time Left: 9 days and 1 hour

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    Hi, anyone got a brake reservoir cap please


  3. Super duper star, thank you so much, was hoping It wasn't needed and I could hi jack it , it's gonna be a right pain threading a cable through the tailgate! Thanks again
  4. Hi , how did you get on? I think I have 6 somewhere, Jim @ powerzed swapped mine out for new style ones.
  5. Hi all, hope your all well, can anyone please tell me what this is and what it does, I have red / green and black wires , this looks to be high level brake light, but for a Australian 300 according to the wiring diagram. Mines UK, never had a rear spoiler brake light, I've get power to it at key position 1. I've bought a rear perspex strip with the tail light and looking to wire it up. Thanks in advance D
  6. I hope this post is in the correct section, I'm still a new member and to new members I can't recommend Jim @Powerzed enough, he's had my shed for about 2 weeks and turned it around, nothing was to much trouble for him, kept me up to date with photos and reports, recommendations and the rest. He's a absolute superstar. Well worth the 2 X 400 mile round trips. Thanks again Jim, keep up the top quality work!
  7. Thanks guys so an hour to mess with her , and Im well loved up, gonna ruin me this piece of tin! As I said to the wife and daughter , who's bagged this over the gt4 , this is a full on 90's supercar
  8. So this arrived late last night, v5 says black, looks very dark grey to me, some history, got a missfire, previous owner started some welding, hasn't had a service for many many years , so it's full service , all fluids, cambelt , fresh fuel , see if that sorts the missfire, if not investigate that and a touch of welding for not...... , Got 2 keys one for the doors one for the ignition!!!! Neither open the boot or glove box, crack in the rear bumper, I'm sure the list is endless, but its what I wanted , UK TT manual :-). Anyone got a full lock set?
  9. Well done Benny-Joe, I was talking to the seller he wouldn't give me the reg or the chassis number, said 3500 and never replied to any of my questions, so I'm glad it's turned out well :thumbup:
  10. Guys anyone know the black 300 TT UK car on Gumtree, im talking to the guy about it at the moment , reg is H269 DNC from the mot database its looks like its been layed up for a few years, last mot was 2015, before that was 2006, Thanks in advance D
  11. Thank you buddy, can't really send you that Info from my phone it's pants
  12. Guys , I'm logged in via my phone with the password saved , and wanna log in via my pc, I've forgot my password when I reset it , the web page says the random question's answer is wrong. The question is who is the manufacturer of the 300zx , I've replied Nissan and nissan , what am I doing wrong?
  13. Will do as soon as I get the terrors in bed
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