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  1. First of all Congratulations to AndrewG on wining COTY ?? - great example and as I found out at NEC it’s owner is a very knowledgeable and thoroughly nice guy! Thank you RichardS and JoelyP for your supportive comments and yes I’ll keep an eye out for arrangements for next years show. ?
  2. Not great photos but enjoyed the visit and the chat / advice from the team, especially Andrew G
  3. Hi Gaz thanks for the heads up – just made myself a Premier member so maybe next year I’ll be able to enter my “snowball“ Cheers Chris
  4. Hi – I’m new on this site and not sure if I can still post three photos to enter or not and how to do that can you advise me? Many thanks Chris
  5. Hi I’m gutted that my 300ZX is in for an air-conditioning rebuild and won’t be ready for next week? – I was So looking forward to showing it off as it’s pretty much in showroom condition or have to wait till the next event.However, I’m still thinking of coming for the Sunday anyway so I can meet other enthusiasts & maybe some of the committee? ....but may have to sneak in the back entrance with my Volvo ?
  6. Is the mid July event at Loughborough? I potentially could do 30th June if you could let me have details? Thanks Richard Chris
  7. Sure! your pretty close so happy to give it s run out your way. Just having an air con & hicas issue sorted but hope to have it back by end June.
  8. Hi guys – just joined after having had my 1990 UK manual spec 300ZX (bought in 1992) restored after 20 years of being in the garage. Looking forward to getting out – are there any meets in the south-east organised over the summer?
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